Thomas Palmer crowdsources Fashion and Ropes, a 2018 fine arts calendar

Thomas Palmer crowdsources Fashion and Ropes, a 2018 fine arts calendar

Paris, France (14th of September 2017) – A creative and passionate photographer, Thomas Palmer, is pleased to launch Fashion & Ropes on Kickstarter. It is a beautiful fashion calendar that features the traditional Japanese art of Shibari.

Thomas Palmer is a fashion & portrait photographer with a big project. He has a great passion for printed works and enjoys working with different models, including dancers and actresses. With the use of Shibari, Thomas pays tribute to a unique art that, unfortunately, is still considered too underground today. The launching of this fashion calendar aims to present this ancient art to those who are not yet familiar with it.

This provides the chance for many to witness impressive photographs with a touch of the Japanese art in a unique, aesthetic and striking manner. A beauty that is unaltered by the extensive use of Photoshop. Thomas Palmer wants to prove that you can admire fashion models that are nor anorexic nor virtually thinned.

Thomas Palmer needs to crowdfund a minimum of 5000 € (6000 $) before October 13th to achieve his project, he chose Kickstarter to enable people from all over the world to obtain Fashion & Ropes. Delivery is due by the end of 2017.

For more information about the project, feel free to go to

About Thomas Palmer:

Thomas Palmer is a French photographer based in Paris. He is known for paying great attention to detail, and making sure all the important aspects of a project are not overlooked. His love for prints and originality have led him to undertake Fashion & Ropes. He advocates for ethics in retouching.

He has given the Swiss leather brand Sympa Bonnard the chance to partner his project. 


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