Prepper Podcast Talk Radio Station Has Joined Hands with Rebel Redneck Radio to Expand Listenership

SE Oklahoma (September 09, 2017) – Rebel Redneck Radio is a country station and the Prepper Podcast Preparedness Talk Radio Station has joined forces with Rebel Redneck Radio the country music station to bring together country music radio and talk radio. They have done this association with a view to expanding their viewership across the world.

In the present world of uncertainties, it is important that people should stay prepared for the worst things in their life. Prepper Podcast the Preparedness Talk Radio conducts talk shows to help people be prepared for any unforeseen things in their life and have a plan.

The Prepper Podcast Preparedness Radio Network and the Rebel Redneck Radio Station is now under the brand name KPRN-DB Broadcasting Group LLC. This Doomsday Preppers Radio is specialized in the planning and marketing of the best quality verbal word radio programming.

About KPRN-DB Broadcasting Group LLC:
The Prepper Podcast was found in the year 2009 by the American Preppers Network. Then in 2010, John Milandred, the founder, changed the name to the Preppers Podcast Radio Network, KPRN-DB. Now, The Preparedness Radio is owned and operated by KPRN-DB Broadcasting Group, LLC.

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KPRN-DB Broadcasting Group, LLC
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Founder John Milandred
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