Watch the Film Khazana That Portrays the Hardships Faced By a Bride When Her Sanity Is Questioned

India (August 31, 2017) – Rahul Nath is an actor, writer, dancer, choreographer, and director in the Bollywood film industry. He is popular for his role in the film Happy Ending. He has rightly portrayed the emotions of a girl, who faces domestic abuse to create awareness among women through his film Khazana.

Every woman and even men, who abuse their wives, should watch this movie, which is now available at Amazon. The lead role is played by Ulka Simone Mohanty, who has excellently depicted the emotional trauma and pain experienced by a recently married girl, whose sanity is questioned, particularly when she is actually pristine in nature.

After having fought with her husband and explained about herself, she finally takes revenge against, whoever placed a false complaint on her divinity. Rahul Nath and the entire team have done a very good job and Khazana is truly a must-watch film. After watching, those watching the film can leave their reviews that will help others understand the quality of the film.

About Rahul Nath:
Rahul Nath is the director of Khazana, which was released on 2014. He is known for his reality-based films. His films are generally based on south Asian community. His latest film Khazana really needs a recognition and motivation from women. The film also features other artists like Ahmed Lucan and Shruti Tewari.

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