Prison Fight Has Opened Rehabilitation Program in Prison of Rostov, Russia

Prison Fight Has Opened Rehabilitation Program in Prison of Rostov, Russia

(July 20, 2017) - Prison fight, an international team of proponents have opened their rehabilitation program in Prison of Rostov, Russia. The Prison Fight Team aims at providing rehabilitation through martial arts and they have been organizing sports activities in prisons around the world since 2012.

The important objective of Prison Fight is to assist the law enforcement officers in implementing rehabilitation program among prisoners. The Prison Fight Team also provides sports equipment and has been helping in organizing sports events like prison boxing tournament among prisoners. Even, boxing tournaments among prisoners are organized then and there.

Now, The Prison Fight Team has established their rehabilitation program in Rostov, Russia in June 2017. The group also aims at opening new branches of rehabilitation program in prisons across countries with the support and help of their local proponents. In prison of Rostov, Russian Federation, the Prison Fight concept of rehabilitation was started by Alexander Sapin, Who is the founder and owner of Sports Club "Alexander".

About Prison Fight:
The new rehabilitation program in Rostov Russia is the second initiative from Prison Fight. The group has already launched this concept for the first time in 2012. It was done in Thailand in association with the local Department of Correction. Now, the group has their operations both in Russia and in Thailand. The Prison Fight Team keep spreading this rehabilitation concept worldwide with a help of partners and supporters.

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