L.A. Music Powerhouse, Fernando Perdomo, releases “The Golden Hour”, the perfect culmination of an amazing musical journey, evoking the past and inspiring the future.

LOS ANGELES, CA - One of the most accomplished musicians on the LA scene, Fernando Perdomo has created an album that echoes the sound and feel of classic 70s singer-songwriter records. Recorded at Ardent Studios with Big Star archivist and engineer Adam Hill, “The Golden Hour” has captured the atmosphere, energy and melancholy mood of the classic Big Star albums recorded within those walls. The sound of "The Golden Hour" features the instruments and gear heard on classic albums by the iconic power pop group. The main electric guitar employed on the album is a vintage Gibson ES-330 that was owned by late Big Star founding member, Chris Bell. Perdomo also was afforded access to the original Mellotron used by Big Star, which is heard on every song on the record.

From the opening piano-instrumental, "Sunset" to the inspirational closer, "Gold," vast emotional ground is covered on “The Golden Hour.” Many of the songs on the record clock in at less than 3 minutes long, wielding a measured sonic economy in a world full of overcooked pop. 

Only 36, Perdomo is a veteran sideman having backed up a who’s who of musical talent numbering Todd Rundgren, Jakob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Beck, Emitt Rhodes, Linda Perhacs, Cristian Castro, and more. Tallying years of experience has honed his consummate ability and robust creativity on a variety of instruments. In fact, Perdomo is a virtual one-man band on “The Golden Hour” providing all the vocals and instrumentation. Lyrically, Perdomo’s exquisitely crafted songs are infused with a finely nuanced mix of honesty and vulnerability. On "I Feel (Therefore I Am)", Perdomo sings "I've made mistakes; it can be great" which is quite the admission from a musician who sounds like a true perfectionist. On "Love Loss Repeat," he intones, "Nothing lasts forever…especially love”. 

Perdomo wrote every song on the record independently, save for "Look At The Moon," which is a co-write between Perdomo and Jordan Zevon, son of Warren Zevon, who was inspired to write the instrumental for a bridge while watching Perdomo play his original version of the song on Facebook Live. While in Memphis, Perdomo wrote the lyrics for the bridge resulting in the final version of “Look At The Moon”, an honest love song about venturing out with the one you love on a moonlit night.

Laying down the foundation of the record at Ardent Studios, Perdomo put the finishing touches on the record at his own Reseda Ranch Studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Grammy-award-winning engineer, Zach Ziskin.

“The Golden Hour” features a gorgeous album cover image by Derek Cintron. Shot before the first note of the album was recorded, the evocative cover inspired the tone for the music that followed, and the visuals truly have captured the feel of the record.

The Golden Hour is here…Perfect Light, Perfect Love…Enjoy!  

CD/Digital Track List:
1. Sunset (Intro) 
2. Sleep
3. Spotlight Smile 
4. Look At The Moon 
5. The Light 
6. Here With Me 

7. Sunset
8. Love Loss Repeat 
9. I Feel (Therefore I Am) 
10. When You're Next To Me
11. The Golden Hour 
12. Fine 
13. Gold

An accompanying 7-minute documentary film of the making of ‘The Golden Hour’ was made by American Film Institute graduate and filmmaker Cyndi Trissel on site at Ardent Studios and is available at this link: 

In Memory of Orlando and Araceli Perdomo, Doug Burris, and The Angels of Ardent
All Instruments and Vocals by Fernando Perdomo
Produced by Fernando Perdomo
Engineered by Adam Hill and Fernando Perdomo
Recorded at Ardent Studios and Reseda Ranch Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin
All Songs Written by Fernando Perdomo (BMI) except "Look At The Moon" written by Fernando Perdomo (BMI) and Jordan Zevon (ASCAP)

Album Cover Photo by Derek Cintron
All other photography by Cyndi Trissel
Album layout by Cyndi Trissel
Artist Representation: Ann Rinaldi, Forward Motion Music Group

Media Contact:
Company Name: Forward Motion Music Group
Contact Name: Ann Rinaldi
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: (252) 402-5395
location: Savannah, GA, United States

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