The Stars are Aligning for Marcus D. Spencer and The American Dream

The Stars are Aligning for Marcus D. Spencer and The American Dream

Berkeley, CA. June 2017 – The stars aligned the night of Marcus D. Spencer’s premiere of The American Dream which screened at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood in Berkeley, CA on June 7th. Among the celebrities was Jack McFarland.  Mr. McFarland was Spencer’s 7th grade teacher at Albany Middle School. They both embraced with a hug as it's been twenty years since the two shared a classroom. "We've both grown, one taller, the other grayer," McFarland said. Also in attendance were comedian Hannibal Thompson and Gian Shaw who are stars of the film. 

DJ (Thompson) and Keith (Shaw) are two football standouts headed to college and the world expects them to dominate. The only problem is within the few months between the end of high school and the beginning of college they decide they need money and DJ's uncle Marvin (Spencer) fills that void. Jake Malone played by Ahku; Marvin's boss, doesn't like the fact that the two young employees are working without being approved by him. All juveniles have a dream, some fulfill them while others work and help others fulfill theirs. Check the trailer here

Robert Wakamatsu was in the building as this was his directorial debut. "The acting in this film was outstanding. It made me really care about the characters," an audience member said during the first Q&A sessions. That's a testament to both the writer (Spencer) and the director (Wakamatsu) as a duo. "I make movies for the masses," Spencer stated. Also in attendance were comedian Johnny Harris, Yeena Fisher and Ahku. There were three screenings back to back to back and the celebrities were sprinkled throughout the crowd at each showing. The Richmond War Angels were represented by Cean Harris Sr. as he was also in the film along with future NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens. 

The American Dream was such a success that other theaters from across the country have reached out to have their own screenings of the film before the August 1stDVD release. On June 21stthe film was screened in Marietta Georgia at the Earl Smith Stroud Theatre.  The next screening will be in Oakhurst, California on June 30th at Met Cinemas. Currently Spencer is trying to lock down dates for Vallejo and Los Angeles, California screenings as well as a Dallas, Texas screening. Once dates are confirmed for these locations and new locations they will be posted on the films website at


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