Singer-Songwriter Vin Ryan Goes Experimental

Los Angeles – June 20, 2017 – Pop/EDM Artist Vin Ryan just recently uploaded a new track to his YouTube channel entitled “Childhood Dream”. The song has a different style compared to his previously released songs from his electronic EP BLUE: “Train of Thought” and “Arrow”. “Childhood Dream” is slow paced and falls into the category of experimental genre.

Listen to “Childhood Dream” here:

By releasing this track, Vin proved how versatile he is as a singer-songwriter. Not only he knows how to make catchy pop tunes and beat dropping songs, he knows exactly how to make a song that is unique and modernistic. His vocal blends perfectly with the mix and the harmonies capture his aesthetic taste as an artist.

The message of this song is aligned with Vin’s vision as an artist. The second verse of the song starts with the phrase “I can see the world with all the peace and unity.” His longing for humanity is the main inspiration that drives him as an artist.

Vin said that the lyrics video to “Childhood Dream” is in the making right now. He is going to release it some time later this month or early next month. “The song itself is dreamy and experimental. You can probably expect something a little bit abstract from the video,” said Vin.

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