The American Dream - Movie Trailer: Written By Marcus D. Spencer and Directed by the Robert Wakamatsu

The American Dream - Movie Trailer: Written By Marcus D. Spencer and Directed by the Robert Wakamatsu

BERKELEY, CA--- With the yearning for quick cash and the identity crisis epidemic sweeping the nation this new film shows you that fame and fortune can be yours in many ways. The film called "The American Dream" premiered (3) times Wednesday with the local actors, film production crew and other various celebrities.

The Oakland Native screenwriter says, He wants to change the world one film at a time. "I want to make relatable films that touch the hearts and minds of all the viewers," says Marcus D. Spencer, writer and producer of the film."The American Dream," which features Gian Shaw, Marcus D. Spencer and comedian Hannibal Thompson premiered at the Rialto Cinemas Elmwood. 

Directed by Robert Wakamatsu, the movie premiered three times on Wednesday, June 7, at 2966 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705. 

The premiere was attended by Gian Shaw, Marcus D. Spencer, comedian Hannibal Thompson and a multitude of other stars.

“The American Dream” tells the story of two all-star football players headed to college and eventually the NFL. Keith (Gian Shaw) lives in a single parent home with his Middle-Eastern mom (Yeena Fisher) whose studying to be a nurse. His counterpart DJ (Hannibal Thompson) lives in a loving two-parent, African-American home. Together these two youngsters are elite D1 prospects, problem is they want money now. Marvin (Marcus D. Spencer), is DJ's cousin and he becomes the kids employer over the summer and he plans to put a little money in their pockets before school. Problem is, Marvin's boss Jake Malone (Ahku) has issue with the kids. Jakes' American Dream is the only dream that matters. Due to the success and the overwhelming positive feedback of the viewers, there will be many pop up screenings of this film between now and the end of July (2017). 

“The American Dream” is written by Marcus D. Spencer and directed by the Robert Wakamatsu and produced by Touch The Heart Productions.

The American Dream - movie trailer:

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