Blood Prose – “Piercing the Fourth Wall is Bloody Business.”

New York City – May 18, 2017 – Blood Prose is an exciting, thrilling and intriguing action and a horror movie with a base of Shakespeare ideology. The film stood on its own while trying to give the story lines more of spice and the present day plot with more layers of intrigue and intensity.

A quick line from the movie - “A serial killer is butchering his way through the city, and only a disgraced starlet and rogue cop can stop him.

Why Blood Prose? Looking for a movie that has a concise location set and packed with veteran actors and actresses who in no small way are huge personalities in the film and media industry. The likes of Emily Goss, Betsey Baker, Oliver Thornton and Randall Krongard all featured in the new movie.

The film was released on iTunes on May 6 and is currently fulfilling its promise to bring out the best in portraying originality. There is two primary aspect of the movie to watch out for:

i.                    The location - abandoned Roxie Theater in downtown L.A, we can say the location itself is another huge character in the film, and the place was perfect and provided the backdrop, a sort of dark, nasty side of elegance if you will, that the story needed.

ii.                  Empowering female actresses – in the movie, what makes it more interesting and unique was that Shakespeare gives best kick ass lines to men. Emily Goss was given the role to play with no regard to the Shakespeare norms but an act to show that female actresses can be empowered.

This movie is a gentle replay of how elegance turned to a dead end, of the noble standing of Miriam Gladstone, and unveiling the pursuit, the revenge and how the delicate hands turns to rolls of reprisal endeavors.

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Blood Prose.

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