Andrei SoulsilenS to Release a New Album with Two New Singles Already Released

Andrei SoulsilenS will now be releasing a new album on the 20th day of May, 2017 and will be introducing two new singles that have already been released.

The aim of the solo artist is to increase the awareness of people to the artist debut album on Google Play, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon music and Deezer that will meet their guaranteed satisfaction.

As per the artist’s album, it is labeled by the PEJOBE Music Company and is also distributed by the TRATORE. Born in Brazil in the year of 1983, Andrei SoulsilenS grew up with a good and strong background on music influence. His blood claims of Bulgarian, African, Native Brazilian and Italian ancestries.

His music is indeed completely eclectic and he really finds his heart in the genre of rock and roll. He already has created a lot of songs and musical projects that amazed a lot of his fans. These mainly include the Oyster Movement in the year of 2012 and SoulsilenS in the year of 1997. Being a dual citizen star in rock genre, his soul is still in Portuguese and English that helps deliver his messages in different countries.

Indeed, his music is classified as an experimental rock which experiments with dissonance, rhythm, electronics, noise, studio manipulation and all other factors linked to rock and roll. This mainly pushes the limits of performance technique and common composition. This kind of music is individualized to his style and preference with instrumental tunings, lyrical techniques, compositional styles, musical genres, experimental musical instruments and instrumental effects.

His interest in music and his career just made him more of a recognized and well-known artist. He is also known in Bulgaria, Russia, Africa, and a whole lot more. His musical genre just leaves all people impressed the most and fulfilled as well.

It is expected that more people will be interested in the release of his new album and the two singles which have already been released. His music naturally reveals his interest and his passion in the rock and roll genre.


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