Comedian to bring laughter and Hope to the less fortunate

                                                   The“Clean Comedy Tour” seeks hosts and launches crowd fund

It's a cool night in Johnson City, TN and Comedian Michael Joiner is getting ready to perform for an audience of over 1500 people. It's one of several sold out comedy shows he is doing in Tennessee and Virginia as part of "The Clean Comedy Tour."

Many have shown up because they are familiar with Michael as the star of Sony Pictures drama, "The Grace Card", and many other Christian films, and others simply know him as one of the nations funniest Clean Comedians.

1st place winner of The Hollywood Improv’s “Funniest Comic in LA” 2008, Comedian Michael Joiner has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades.

When Joiner performs his "Clean Comedy Tour" he always segues into an inspiring message before leaving the stage.

"After almost every show someone will tell me how much that message spoke to them" Says Joiner. “I soon realized I had a much higher calling than just making people laugh.”

What gave him the idea to promote a comedy show that invites those who are viewed as “outcasts”in their communities?

"I started to notice more and more that someone would buy an entire row of tickets for girls from the battered womens home, or a homeless shelter", Joiner says. "One church that has had me several times actually web casts my performance into the state prison.

Joiner is working with Serious Comedy to help make a 2017 tour happen.

Those who would like to help under-write the tour can go to this link;

Venues who would like to host the Clean Comedy Tour can go to the web page


For Bookings/Interviews contact;


Michelle Lea

Serious Comedy Agency

(661) 414-2992

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