Shuxuan Wang Is About to Hold A Series Of Musical Performance At The Harbin Hall


Beijing, China (15th May 2017) - Recently, a declaration from Sohu Entertainment News came that intimated the decision of the company to organize a solo performance of aspiring flutist Shuxuan Wang in the Chamber Hall of Harbin Hall. This event is going to be the first-of-the-kind event of  the Western Musical Philharmonic concert to be hosted at this venue.

The above said event will involve a series of performance by  Shuxuan Wang to give the audience a taste of the gems of Western music on the easter Soil. As it was reported further, the event will be graced by the presence of  Wang Jing Colonel. The declaration about the forthcoming performance by flute master Shuxuan Wang has already triggered a significant interest among the music lover in the city and the surrounding areas.

Wang Shuxuan, a young flutist and a member with the association of the Beijing Ban directors, was born on 8th October 1992 in Habin. He got a formal education in music, specializing on Flute, under the aegis of flute Master Li Wei. In 2011, Wang took admission with the Chinese Academy of Music and subsequently, he got himself admitted to the Youth Philharmonic  Orchestra School of  China in the capacity of a Picolo Flute player and he completed the graduate level course in music from the central Conservatory of Music orchestra.

Wang established himself as a professional flutist and has already impressed the experts and the mass alike with his formidable skill and expertise. Experts are banking on his talent and they are highly optimistic that this young musician has all the abilities to establish himself as one the best musicians in the country in the forthcoming times.

“I am excited for being invited to such a prestigious event and I am confident that I will be able to entertain the audience to the optimum extent”, stated Wanf Shuxuan.

About Wang Shuxan
Wan Shuxuan is an aspiring flutist from Beijing and he is going to hold a series of Western Musical Philharmonic concert at the Harbin Hall.

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