Get Ready to Tap Your Fingers and Sing to the C.O.C Music Video

May 2, 2017 – Mark Spark has just released his second album entitled Capitalize on Currency that features the street anthem C.O.C. The new album released by Migrant WorkerzEnt is yet to be a great addition to your album collection. The single C.O.C. proves to be great song through its catchy lyrics, vivid wordplay and style imagery.

Mark Spark is set to conquer your love for street anthem with C.O.C as it features one of his best performances yet.  The song has a great intro that can be heard and seen on the music. Spark would not disappoint you as present a cool and upbeat style. The wordplay and the moves shown in the video would set you to a relaxing and a cool way of listening.

The C.O.C music video shows the charm and greatness of Mark Spark who would make you entertained as you sing along on each of the lyrics of the song. This is visual not only to those who like the music of Mark Spark but also for those who like to watch street anthem videos. The video also presents a vivid imagery of what is being said within the song.

C.O.C can be considered an entertaining video not only due to the performance of Spark but also to the story told in the music video. Many who have seen the video are both amazed and entertained. Spark delivers one of his best and it can seem in C.O.C. No doubt, a fan would be satisfied in watching the video. Surely, much more would love heart and watch it.

Spark hopes to give more songs that are fantastic in the following years. C. O. C would not disappoint any fan and that is for sure.


About Capitalize on Currency:

Capitalize on the Currency is the second Album released by Migrant WorkerzEnt on April 20 this year. The album is characterized by excellent wordplay, imagery, and style that could be seen in the songs such as Gettin Money Part 2, Work and C.O.C Mark Spark is making it big with this album and the street anthem C.O.C is getting into the airwaves.



Contact: Mark Spark

Company: Migrant WorkerzEnt. 

State: N.Y

Contact No:(212)729-3106

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