Speakarts reimagine the role of high-end audio, from purely functional, to an aesthetic combination of audio and design.


Speakarts is a brand new Danish design brand developing speakers focusing on functionality and design, with world-class sound. The 19th of April Speakarts is launching their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign launch has been prepared for months together with one of the world’s leading crowdfunding agencies, Tross, and with Indiegogo campaign consultants.

Jonas Thestrup Lyngbek, co-founder, explains: ”At Speakarts we want to challenge the way we experience sound at home. We believe in constant innovation and bold creative design. In this spirit, we sought an experience that showcased the speaker as a unique design piece, as art for your walls. We have reimagined what a speaker should be capable of. Speakarts is a high-end speaker, crafted to sound as good as it looks, with the ability to be customized to match your style.”

Speakarts is an all-in-one sound system that is made of solid natural oak or smoked oak. It is battery powered with 25 hours of playing time and you connect through Bluetooth, making it completely wireless.

The front covers are designs and artworks printed on a special acoustically transparent material, letting the sound travel straight through, keeping the quality at it highest. The printing technique opens a world of possible designs. When launching there will be eight Speakarts standard design, five artworks by some international talented up-and-coming artists, and you will also have the option to upload your own favorite image or design.

The sound has been developed in Denmark, by some of the most skilled audio engineers and the design is based on Danish design traditions. It is the best of Danish quality, which is why it comes with a two-year warranty.

To ensure an immersive sound experience, Speakarts uses a new sound optimization technology to actively analyze and optimize sound output, playing audio through the special audio-transparent covers. Speakarts analyze and optimize the playing sound waves 48,000 times per second. It uses the most cutting edge sound processing and output technology, accounting for both direct and indirect sound response. This means that no matter where in the room you are, you will always experience the same sound distribution filling the room.

Key features of Speakarts
- Danish design
- Interchangeable front-covers
- Customize the design and upload your own image
- Cutting edge sound technology using DSP
- Completely wireless; Bluetooth connection and battery powered
- Pair two speakers and play stereo
- Smart stand-by for ease of use
- 2 year warranty

- Onboard Digital Signal Processor
- Frequency: 20-20,000Hz
- 2x40W digital amplifiers
- 1x1” softdome tweeter
- 1x6” midwoofer
- 4.1 Bluetooth with BLE
- 25 hours battery playing time
- Loudness: 101dB
- Dimensions: 42x42x12cm / 16.5x16.5x4.7 inches

Editor’s note:
Campaign preview can be found here.
High-resolution images can be found here.

Facts sheet
Established 19th of April 2016 (exactly one year old on our launch date)

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark at Vermundsgade 13-15, start-up space Dare2Mansion.

Received a pre-seed investment in January 2017.

Partnered with Tross and Crowdfunders Fund February 2017.

Partner artists
Josh Spivack | Website
Jason Siew | Website
Inge Flinte | Website
Eva Magill-Oliver | Website
Philipp Grein | Website

Establishment of Speakarts
The two co-founders Jonas Lyngbek Thestrup and Thor Mønsted established Speakarts in 2016. Thor has been working with audio for his whole life, and when it comes to speakers, he has always been faced with the compromise between great sound and great design. He had this idea to create a speaker that would be art for your walls. He then approached Jonas with the idea, as he would be the perfect match to Thor’s technical knowledge. Jonas is educated engineer in manufacturing and marketing, and is a Certified Crowdfunding Advisor by the Danish Crowdfunding Association. Together they built the first few prototypes and created the whole concept. At this point they realized that the needed a brand designer and brought in Sophie Halskov Nissen to develop the brand around the speakers. Today the speakers are fully functional, ready for production and the brand around them is well defined.

Combined the team has been involved in several crowdfunding successes, including another Danish speaker for outdoor use, the Soundboks.

Jonas Lyngbek Thestrup
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+45 42772797


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