Upcoming release explores soldier's life after Civil War

Upcoming release explores soldier's life after Civil War Upcoming release explores soldier's life after Civil War

Author Oliver Phipps has announced the release of his first book of 2017. Ever the Wayward Sky, his thirteenth title, will be a return to historical fiction as he follows a character’s search for peace.

Ever the Wayward Sky follows protagonist Sergeant James Taft struggling to get back to a post-Civil War life he never expected to have. He returns briefly to his home state to work as a farmer, but is unsuccessful. This leads Taft to travel west as he struggles to put the horrors of the war to rest.

Phipps has twelve previously published titles, including one under a pen name. The official date of his newest novel has been set for April 23 2017. One can see the full synopsis and cover by visiting the author’s website www.oliverphipps.com.

Said Phipps of the book, “I've always been a history buff, and the American Civil War era has had a special intrigue for me. But what inspired me was the question of, what if a soldier managed to survive the war, only to find the real adventure was beginning. As I pondered this, I realized there was an incredible story there that absolutely needed to be told.”

Three years in the making, Ever the Wayward Sky led Phipps into extensive research to ensure the accuracy of the real places and events that would form the backdrop of the story. Said the author, “In the process, I really gained a better education of history. I have been amazed by the many actual events uncovered and subsequently incorporated into this tale.”

Phipps’ body of work covers several genres, including science fiction, paranormal, thriller, and historical. He even has a non-fiction title teaching the tricks to being successful at local auctions. Eleven of these works have landed on Amazon bestseller lists, with two reaching number one in their categories.

Besides being an author, Phipps is a husband and proud father of two "beautiful" daughters. A US Army veteran, musician, songwriter, and freelance article writer. His work is informed by not only his military background, but his extensive travel and adventures.

To learn more about Phipps visit his Amazon author page. Or his website www.oliverphipps.com. 

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