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Wrestling as a sport has gained more popularity in the last two decades. For once, it is considered to be one of the oldest sports of mankind. In fact, cave drawings depicted wrestling indicating that even cavemen indulged in the sport for recreation. One of the popular sports in Olympics is undoubtedly wrestling. It was included in the Olympics in 1896 which was the very first Olympics but women’s wrestling was included only lately, in 2004.  There are many types of wrestling, Pro, Sumo and Folk among others. Of course, with WWE, wrestling is now a hot favourite with youth as well.

The rules and procedure of the wrestling game

Wrestling is an extreme game that calls for physical power and strong determination. It is a sport that can be quite rewarding as one mainly competes as an individual game. It is a great sport that kids can practise from a very young age as it not only trains them in assertiveness but also improves their vigour and stamina.  Also, in the game, it is you alone who is responsible for the results, and that can instil a sense of responsibility as well as serve as motivation. For beginners, the sport may put up challenges as it requires quite a lot of stamina and perseverance. Also, the rules of the game can be quite challenging in the beginning but once you get your sway, you will start to enjoy the game. 

The Scoring pattern of the game: In a football game, the player scores when he hits a goal. In wrestling, the player scores a point when he successfully pins down the opponent. Now, there are two ways to win. One is of course to pin down the opponent and the other is to prevent being pinned down and outscore the other player thrice. In college wrestling, the time for pinning down is one minute but in high school wrestling, the time period can be of two minutes. You need to find if you are good at attacking or defending. Accordingly, you must hone your skills. A total of two points can be gained when you can pin down the other player for the time limit and when you plan an escape from the opposite player and bring him or her to the controlled position. A single point can be gained when you are able to escape from the opponent’s clutches. Even if you can nearly pin the other player for about two seconds, you can win two or three points.

Beware of penalties: Penalties are awarded for illegal holds for which a point can be deducted. So learn about these holds well in advance. Other situations are bad conduct, misbehaviour, violation of technicalities of the game, and so on.  While it is important to gain points with the right strategy, care should also be taken to ensure that these points do not go away because of penalties.

These are the basic rules about the game. If you wish to take up the game or if you are wanting to include your child in wrestling, it is better to take the help of an experienced coach, who will not only educate your kid about the sport but will also train him or her accordingly to enable them to compete. It is best to hire someone from the association or who have had experience in competing. You should approach wrestling associations to enquire about the right coach for your kid.

Facts about wrestling

It is one of the original Olympic games and was also included in the ancient Olympics which took place somewhere in 776 B.C.  It is said to represent the spirit of Olympics because it gives a chance for athletes from different parts of the world to compete regardless of country, gender or race. This is a game that does not even require big setups. All that is required is a flat surface. It is also one of the sports that see maximum participation from countries. In fact in the London Olympics 2012, around 71 countries were qualified to participate. It is also a game that is a part of the culture of many countries, for example in India. It is a special sport for the US as it is one of the three sports that won the maximum medals for the country.

Wrestling is a sport that needs perseverance and a dedicated preparation. It is also regarded as one of the sports that can build character, confidence and even life skills in children. Since it requires great physical strength, one has to be physically fit for which dedicated exercises need to be done. The game requires lot of great physical attributes which can be gained by regular exercises and practice. That is why it helps to have a coach.

About the site is a site from the European Council of Associated Wrestling and Cela Wrestling Association. If you are looking for a coach to train your child in wrestling, then this is the right site. It also has information on wrestling, the techniques required for it and the latest news about the sport. It also informs about the endeavours of the European Council of Associated Wrestling to make wrestling more popular in Europe. The site also strives to clear some misconceptions about the sport. For example, when you say wrestling, most of us may think of WWE and the choreographed action and the drama. In reality, wrestling is much more. It is a great game to make your kid more aggressive, goal oriented and even increase their physical strength. The site thus tends to inspire children to take up wrestling as a sport during their school years. Also compared to other sports, there is no kicking or violence associated with it. The site is a good source of information about wrestling as a sport, its rules, requirements, and more. Those who wish to take up wrestling and those who wish to get a coach will get ample guidance and information from the site.

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