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Music is loved by all and it is rightly said that music, as art, has no boundaries. A person sitting in a corner country in Asia may be a hardcore fan of Beyonce. Though the world of music has evolved considerably, some trends have remained popular. Rock music, jazz, singles, and so on continue to find place in top charts. One trend that even today finds a special place in the field of music is music bands.

A peek into the phenomenon that is music bands

A music band is primarily a group of musicians who make music which includes playing of instruments, singing and so on. As there are different genres in music, so can you find different music bands in each genre. Mainly there are concert bands, marching bands, jazz, percussion and drum and bugle corps.  The concert bands include playing at a particular location and they play various instruments such as percussion, bowed stringed musical instruments, brass, woodwinds and so on. The musicians of such bands perform seated as there is a music conductor who guides them. Then there is the marching bands which are usually seen in defence forces, during parades or during any such other events. A drum major leads followed by other musicians playing different instruments.  They are called as marching bands because they walk while they are playing the music.  There are also percussion bands, drum and bugle corps and so on. As music evolved, so did different music bands, there were boy bands, rock bands, pop music bands and so on.  You will also find marriage bands that play music exclusively at weddings.

A music band is teamwork and consists of equally talented musicians who churn out heart-warming music for music lovers. With some great music bands forming in the last two decades or so, there has been crazy popularity not just for the band but for each member of the band. If you look at popularity, the boy bands seem to be rocking all the time. Boy bands normally consist of young musicians. Look the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, One Direction, just some few names. If one remembers well, Michael Jackson started out as a team member of a music band, Jackson 5. In fact, there have been many bands that have continued to work musical magic since two or three decades. Some music bands survived, some became defunct while some continue to enthral music lovers even today, Beatles for example.

The work of music bands is invigorating and thrilling

A major feature about music bands is that they enthral audience but most of these come in popular music category but there are also those music bands that belt out spiritual music. Today, music is an industry and the field is considered to be a glamorous spot which also has the potential to make billionaires out of commoners. With social networking and internet, it takes no time for a song to be a hit all across the world and within seconds, a new singer or band takes the world by storm.

A music band will continue to be in popular demand just because the idea of a group performing sounds and seems more exciting than a solo performer. So, it is ideal to get music bands for any of your events, be it a wedding, parties or any other events. Look out for local musical bands which are doing great work. Look at their websites and find out about the songs they play and their charges. You can also find about their past gigs and also get reviews from their former clients. At the same time, you should know what songs you want them to play and then choose accordingly. A jazz music band may not be ideal for a party whereas a hard rock band may seem out of place for your parents’ 25th anniversary party.

Popular music bands of 2017

Though there will be famous musicians topping charts every year, a lookout is always for new entrants. In 2017, there has been some quite new entries who seem to be here to stay for long. Some of the new popular music bands are the Aces and the Amazons in the UK. The Aces is a pop-rock music group consisting of four women performers. They have been signed by Red Bull Records and are on the way to earn big bucks and more popularity.

The Amazons quartet performs indie rock and they uploaded their first work in 2014. Now, three years later, they are on their way to record their debut album, followed by UK tour.

Some of the most popular rock bands in the US in the year 2016-2017 are the Coldplay, Guns n Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Papa Roach, Iron Maiden, Hollywood Undead and more.

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