Quality Pets Announces Pet Insurances Schemes for Dogs - PetSecure

Quality Pets Announces Pet Insurances Schemes for Dogs - PetSecure

India (5th April, 2017) - Quality Pets, a renowned organisation has recently announced that they will be providing  pet insurances for dogs at nearest pet stores & online. One of the most premium suppliers of pets in India, Quality Pets has resolved to come up with this service for the sake of pet animals.

The product, PetSecure has been provided by the Nationalized Insurance Company of GOI. The product will be sold through various pet stores all over India as well as through pet traders and pharmacies in India. In the initial few months PetSecure will be available only in Mumbai at select pet stores and soon will be distributed all over the country.

The insurance helps in covering pet dogs against a sudden death, caused due to an accident or a disease.

Dogs between the ages of 8 weeks to 8 years are eligible to get insured with the help of PetSecure product.

The policy is subject to extension in the following cases –
•    Dead of the pet by accidental poisoning
•    Loss of value
•    Death during breeding or whelping
•    Loss of Value
•    Loss or theft of dogs
•    World Wide Transit Cause

There is an extensive team working for the company to help their clients to choose the perfect breed. The team helps clients with guidance when it comes to buying a pet. They ask one to consider facts like, budget, family size, home size and number of family members before buying one for themselves.

The company, Quality Pets is on its way of developing a website, which will enable pet owners to know information about the nearest veterinarian doctor. The website will also feature, ratings, reviews, cost of consultation and many more.

The appointments can be easily booked. The website will help users to know how to raise a pup and will also get to know various other useful information regarding pets.

About Quality Pets
Quality Pets, a renowned organisation for the pets supplying to Dogs squads of the Indian Armed forces, is all set to organize productive stress busting workshops with the help of furry and adorable pups. This workshop will be done in companies, where employees work in highly stressed environment. The workshop has proved in lowering the stress level of employees and eventually has helped in increasing their productivity.

Quality Pets can be easily reached out through the following contact details –

Jigyasu Kothari,
Founder Quality Pets
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +91 9773777739
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/qualitypetsindia


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