Did Beyonce Leave Out Shawn Carter's Jay Z Other Children?

Did Beyonce Leave Out Shawn Carter's Jay Z Other Children?

What About the Timing of her Announcement on the extended family, Yeah, it was a Week Ago After the Teen Lover Story of her husband involving Wanda Satterwaite who conceive Rymir when she was 16 Allegedly With Jay Z.

Is Bey trying to cover up possible motives on why her husband appear to be running from the New Jersey paternity test of Rymir or is Bey trying to shame Rymir or even his mother who some believe was a victim since she was minor when Rymir was born.  What ever happen to empowering women, Bey? Did she forget that so soon while having no compassion towards others? Well, some say YES!!! and even FCLU President Gregory T. Roberts has a comment about her and Jay's announcement:

"Congratulation to Shawn Carter (AKA Jay Z) and Beyonce with the announcement of future additions to their family,” FCLU President, Mr. Roberts, said in a statement to Radar.

“To usher in their new twins, it would be wonderful if Mr. Carter would close lose ends and subject to a paternity test to either clear the confusion, or welcome another member of his family into the fold. Thankfully, with today’s genetic advancements, Mr. Carter could easily and efficiently clear his name and rest easily knowing that he has not forgotten a loved one by mistake.”

Don't Bey know by now that the truth will set you free, and that ignoring the truth don't make it go away. Come on now, as we get older are we not getting wiser too? No child should be left behind and children/adults need the love of their parents at every age.  So, trying to keep them out of spot light with their dad Jay Z is just not right and ultimately will back fire later.

Some sites and reviews to see about case all links have court files attached:




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