OTL: The Comp Ticket Underground Subscription Club Makes Live Entertainment More Accessible and Affordable

“OTL: The Comp Ticket Underground” Subscription Service Offers Free Tickets To Live Entertainment Events For A Monthly Fee.

May 20, 2015; U.S. - For those who want access to live entertainment and the special treatment usually offered only to those “on the list” a new subscription service offers subscribers the best way to unplug, enjoy live entertainment with family and friends, and get away from all those electronic screens. “OTL: The Comp Ticket Underground” is available now, via the Internet at http://www.onthelistinvite.com.

OTL is shorthand for “on the list invite”. It is a new, subscription club for people who want to attend live shows but do not want to pay high prices, handling fees, or shipping charges. ‘OTL’ currently has 22 locations in the U.S. and 4 in the U.K. with plans to add more during 2015. “Think of it like Netflix, but for live shows,” said Lu Ann Wall, Global VP & Managing Director of Worldwide Seats LLC. “We equate our business to Netflix because ‘OTL’ offers everything for a single, monthly subscription, just like Netflix does.”

Subscribers pick and choose what they want to attend and the tickets are free.  There are no additional charges. “These same seats would otherwise be empty,” Wall went on.  “And entertainers dislike playing to empty seats. So everyone realizes a benefit.”

Venue owners and entertainers also benefit from additional concession and merchandise sales, return customers, and positive word of mouth recommendations. Endorsements among family and friends are the most persuasive and compelling promotion for any entertainer, venue, or product and are not available at any price.

‘OTL’ specializes in community-based entertainment, like live theater, musical performance, and comedy. “We are not at liberty to reveal who our entertainment partners are,” Wall said. “That would have a negative impact on them. Instead, we make “complimentary” or “comp” seats to our subscribers as they become available. These are tickets with a ticket price associated, and our subscribers become V.I.P.’s awarded them for free.” 

How Can This Be?

‘OTL’ has agreements with many community theaters, comedy clubs, smaller music venues, fairs, festivals, conferences, and expositions, and that is to what most of their tickets allow subscribers access. The occasional big name, well-known comedian, professional sports team, or other headliner does offer tickets to “OTL’ members. But ‘OTL’ members largely keep the local arts & entertainment community afloat by attending events via OTL. Memberships to ‘OTL’ start at $9.95 a month and can be cancelled at any time. There are membership opportunities for every budget, along with special terms for military families.

A large part of ‘OTL’s mission is to help support the arts community, not compete with it. OTL is owned and managed by both Worldwide Seats and Audience Resources. ALL sites have the affiliate program and other similar offerings. “With the incredible variety of amazing community events including theatre, music, comedy, sports and so much more, the only one bored and lonely will be your television,” Wall concluded.

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