Clash Of Olympians’ Secret Formula Attracts Gamers

Clash Of Olympians’ Secret Formula Attracts Gamers

Game developers like Ironhide Studios release free games to funnel fans into their paid game empire. But Clash Of The Olympians game captivated the audience in such a way it doesn’t let players to put it down.

The recipe was easy as one can read on the Google Play website: “Take on the role of one of the mighty Greek heroes and defend your temple against hordes of mythological creatures using a vast array of powerful weapons and godly powers”!

At first it seemed like a rehearsed castle defense games but as one player from the mobile gaming community expressed: “This is a great game that has its unique formula which makes it better than any other "bow defense" game I've played. The 4 stars though is for having finished the game in 1 day”!!

There are some though who demanded a clash of the Olympians guide and screamed for a gameplay walkthrough video stating that: “As the game progresses levels can be passed on pure luck”.

There are some quite opposing opinions about this statement.

This is why the Fresh Mobile Games YouTube channel created a walkthrough video series which you can watch here. They decided to separate the videos into short stages to give a complete guide for the game including strategies.

Answering accusations like “ It is a bit hard with the HERO Heracles/Hercules well actually impossible” Fresh Mobile Games created videos to show how Clash Of The Olympians can be played with this character here.

As a senior gamer summarized this is what you can expect when you choose to download clash of the olympians for free: “Better than many games out there. The game has great graphics, the gameplay is smooth and overall the concept of this game is pretty impressive. A lot of upgrades are available for your weapons and character and the game's good enough to keep you busy for a while. However, the entire game can be completed in like 3 hours with all the possible combinations of weapon upgrades of all 3 characters”.

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