Princebury Productions & Media joins with New Latin Cinema and Phantom Studios to produce Latin Legends: Round 2, The Movie

Las Vegas, NV – Princebury Productions & Media announced today that it would be joining New Latin Cinema to make the second film in the series entitled “Latin Legends.”   The new film entitled “Latin Legends: Round 2” will be re-mastering original footage and adding new interviews from some of the biggest names in Latin boxing.  Librado Barocio has signed on to direct and will also produce.

In life a man can be a hero, in the ring a legend...  “Latin Legends," is an inspirational film about some of the greatest Latin boxers of our time. This film will show dazzling highlights from the spectacular careers of Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez, and the late greats Alexis Arguello and Salvador Sanchez along with many others. These true gladiators fought hard and often and the many clips show their triumphs and occasional defeats. It is said that Latin men fight for God and country and those exciting and brutal battles will be highlighted in the film. Rising from the streets of poverty to kings of the entire world, these men can be seen as role models with the same common beliefs, such as the importance of hard work, their strong faith in God, and their respect for others. Their story of struggle and triumph will be an inspiration for all.

Latin Legends: Round 2 will be released in Summer 2015.

More information is expected to be released in regards to distribution.

About Princebury Productions & Media

Princebury Productions & Media produces the highest quality films, commercials & programming in the motion picture industry.  We have built an exceptional team; finalized strategic alliances with prominent companies, and are working on our first Film Fund, which we hope to launch in 2015.  Our movies will offer uncompromising family values, compelling stories, exceptional cinematography & music, and powerful messages.  We also provide consulting services to filmmakers and companies to assist with any media related needs.

About New Latin Cinema

New Latin Cinema is a subsidiary of Teleflicks LLC., Teleflicks global operations encompass motion picture production; acquisition and distribution; television production; acquisition and distribution; digital content creation and distribution.

About Phantom Studios

Phantom Studios makes everything for the screen. From feature films to television, music videos, commercial spots, live performance, documentaries to promotional previews, and every stage of production, from the grain of an idea, to putting the finished piece on screen. We do it all. With some of the most accomplished senior figures in the creative world today, and some of the most maverick, revolutionary, next generation of filmmakers shaping the new, digital, on-demand age, we are changing the face of on-screen entertainment as we know it.

To learn more about this project, please contact:

Jeffrey Fox
Princebury Productions & Media, LLC
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