New Reactor Technology Explored in TV Program

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (PR Buzz) January 4, 2013 -- The closely held private company that pioneered the new era of unmanned aircraft with the Predator and its successors is planning to repeat its success with a revolutionary nuclear power plant. The company, General Atomics of San Diego, and its new reactor design is featured this week on "White House Chronicle," a weekly national television program from Washington D.C.

"This is an extraordinary story from an extraordinary company," said Llewellyn King, syndicated columnist and executive producer of "White House Chronicle."

The GA design for the reactor, the Energy Multiplier Squared (EM2), is a helium-cooled, fast-neutron machine which operates at very high temperatures. Unlike today's light water reactors, which are refueled about every 18 months, the EM2 will operate for 30 years without refueling and will consume nuclear waste as its primary source of fuel.

John Parmentola, GA's senior vice president for energy, says the EM2 will outperform today's reactors in life expectancy and has far better economics.

A feature of the two-part TV series, according to King, is a revealing interview with Linden Blue, one of the owners of General Atomics. Blue seldom talks to the press and does not normally give TV interviews.

"I think Mr. Blue opened up on camera because I have been covering nuclear power for more than 40 years, and because I have followed General Atomics closely since it was purchased by Linden and Neal Blue in the late 1980s," King said.

Blue told King that one of the advantages of being a private company is that it doesn't have to post quarterly results. But, he added, cash flow is important.

The Blue brothers have created a unique marriage between creative science and entrepreneurship, King said. This structure has produced extraordinary results, including:

the electromagnetic rail gun
electromagnetic catapults for launching aircraft from carriers
advances in magnetic confinement nuclear fusion

King said that drawing on this and previous work in nuclear science has made the revolutionary reactor possible.

The first in the two-episode series will air nationwide this weekend on PBS stations, public, educational and governmental cable stations, and worldwide on Voice of America Television. The audio can be heard on SiriusXM's POTUS (Politics of the United States) Channel 124.

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Now in its 16th year on the air, the program's executive producer and host is syndicated columnist Llewellyn King.

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