Dirty Energy: New Mexico Dirtiest power plants in the Nation

Santa Fe, NM  / PRBuzz / April 20, 2011 -- A press conference was held by Environment New Mexico  http://www.environmentnewmexico.org/ in front of Dr. K Paul Stoller's Hyperbaric Medical Center http://www.hbotnm.com on April 19th to announce the release Environment New Mexico's report "Dirty energy's Assault on our Health: Ozone Pollution" authored by Lauren Randall. THe report found that power plants in New Mexico emitted 66.553 tons of smog-forming pollution in 2009. High emissions at the state level are largely due to the Four Corners Power Plant near Farmington, which emits more smog-forming pollution than any other power plant in the country. Environment New Mexico's report comes as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to finalize a standard in July to help reduce smog-forming pollution.

"High smog pollution leaves many of New Mexico's children gasping for air," said Veronica Gutierrez, Federal Field Associate of Environment New Mexico.  "Many of the Ingredients for smog pollution, like nitrogen oxides, come from power plants. This pollution puts our children and our environment at risk, and the Environmental Protection Agency must act to reduce this life-threatening pollutant."

Dr. Stoller, President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, and Juan Reynosa of the Sierra Club joined Environment New Mexico in releasing today's report.

 "Smog is too nice a word for what we have to breath. It puts New Mexicans' lives on the line," said Dr. Stoller, who was diplomat of the Academy of American Pediatrics for over 20 years.  "It's time to protect our health and reduce dangerous smog-forming pollution from the Four Corners Power Plants in Farmington and from power plants across the country."

The report comes as EPA is set to finalize a standard in July to help reduce smog pollution. Environment New Mexico is calling on EPA to protect our health and our environment, and to establish an air quality standard for smog pollution of no higher than 60 parts per billion. This stringent air standard will adequately reflect how much smog can be in the air and still have it safe to breathe, and could save up to 12,000 lives per year according to EPA analysts. To achieve this standard, the United States should install and improve pollution control technologies for power plants and accelerate the transition to clean electricity sources--while also reducing smog-forming pollution from vehicles by expanding public transportation systems and putting cleaner cars and trucks on the road.

Yet while EPA is undertaking this rulemaking to protect public health, Congress and industry lobbyists are working to keep EPA from doing its job by threatening to block rules that limit dangerous air pollution.

"All New Mexicans have the right to breathe clean air," said Gutierrez. "Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall and Congressmen Ben Ray Lujan and Martin Heinrich have consistently supported efforts over the years to protect New Mexican's health, and we'll be counting on their leadership once again to support EPA's strongest possible standards to cut pollution."

K. Paul Stoller, MD, is the editor of a new book his late son wrote: http://www.my-life-after-life.com - My Life after Life.

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