Power Ledger is Changing the way Energy is Managed in Australia

Perth, Australia – Nov. 21, 2017 – Dr. Jemma Green, co-founder and chairperson of Power Ledger, announced that the company has developed the first working model in Australia that enables commercial businesses and private individuals to sell their excess solar energy to consumers without the need to go through an energy retailer. The company’s platform utilizes peer-to-peer trading through the use of a blockchain energy application.

“Power Ledger has developed a P2P platform using blockchain technology that allows energy producers, both commercial and private, to trade excess renewable energy to residential and commercial consumers,” said David Martin, co-founder and managing director of Power Ledger.

With the platform pioneered by Power Ledger, anyone connected to an existing energy network can sell surplus solar power they generate back to energy retailers directly. There’s no need for intermediaries or middlemen. It’s an elegant solution that places greater power in the hands of consumers and supports the production of renewable energy sources.

The platform enables anyone to participate in a newly created energy marketplace, even those generating smaller amounts. The equipment needed to generate solar power can be cost prohibitive, especially for smaller businesses and individuals. Power Ledger is helping to level the playing field of energy generation and consumption.

Power Ledger’s blockchain technology enables each unit of power to be tracked, from where it’s generated to where that unit is sold. The company’s platform allows consumers to choose where they want to sell their energy and at what cost. Participants can log into the Power Ledger platform to view their generation statistics, usage and the details of their P2P transactions for complete transparency.

The blockchain technology and energy applications developed by Power Ledger provide a market trading and clearing mechanism for the benefit of producers and consumers that’s transparent, auditable and automated. The company is trading as a cryptocurrency and is currently ranked 49 on the Coin Market Cap, the primary market chart for cryptocurrency. The startup raised $34 million during its initial coin offering for the alternative financing method.

The entry of Power Ledger into the energy industry, its blockchain energy application and cryptocurrency platform has enormous potential for investors, consumers, and the future of solar energy production. It eliminates the need for a middleman, allowing even small producers to monetize their surplus energy, and has the potential to revolutionise electricity models worldwide.

About Power Ledger
Power Ledger is the brainchild of a team of respected energy industry professionals, sustainability leaders, disruptors, developers and innovators. It is a team with technical expertise, commercial acumen, regulatory knowledge and a relentless passion to revolutionise the energy sector for the benefit of consumers, producers and distributors.

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