Valley Solar Company Expands Again!

Valley Solar Company Expands Again! Valley Solar Company Expands Again!

PHOENIX: Solar energy solutions for homeowners have been in the valley for decades, after all, we are in the land of the sun! But, with raising struggles between green living enthusiasts and local power companies, many solar companies have been forced out of the valley and or closed down all together. However, one company has thrived due to their dedication to clean, renewable energy and their commitment to their customers.


Erus Energy, founded right here in Phoenix in 2005, has just expanded their headquarters  office and hired a dozen new employees. The new office has doubled the size and is now located near the Deer Valley Airpark, cross streets of Deer Valley Rd and 7th Ave.


“We are excited to continue to serve the Phoenix Valley and Arizona with solar solutions, as well as, help the customers from the solar companies that were forced out of state. I, personally, am thrilled that we were also able to add so many more jobs to help boost our local economy.” ~Dave Brady, CEO.


Erus Energy is known for supporting pioneering solar technology including battery technology  and American Made Panels. With solar energy being the wave of future energy independence for homeowners and business owners, alike, Erus Energy prides itself on offering high quality and leading products in the industry.


New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and South Carolina all have Erus Energy as a part of their community source for solar energy. Erus Energy has been extremely focused in recent months to get areas hit hard by hurricanes converted to solar energy and backup batteries installed, so that they are better prepared for the next hurricane season.


“The hurricanes this year, were sheer devastation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families involved. We hope to help these homeowners and businesses convert their power to solar energy with batteries that store excess solar energy, which will act as a generator when the power goes down in the future. Hopefully, we can help people sustain a quality of life in those scary moments.  ” ~Dave Brady, CEO.


Here in Phoenix, Erus Energy continues to work alongside local power companies to come to agreements so that all homeowners and businesses can enjoy the benefits of solar energy. If you would like to learn more about Erus Energy and their work here in the Valley, please visit their site at


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