Unwinding Haven Announces Adult Coloring Books

Commissions Adult Coloring Books: Top Quality books designed to help reduce stress, decision fatigue and increase relaxation.

November 8, 2017- Silver Spring, MD – Unwinding Haven's Adult Coloring Books are a top-grade, therapeutic creative outlet that harness the power of deep art therapy to gently relieve stress and remind you of simpler times. 

Designed with passion and attention to detail, our coloring books feature small and big creatures from the wilderness, oceans, pets, Yoga poses, mandalas, grand structures from around the world and Christmas images. The designs range in complexity and detail for all expertise levels.

Art therapy may not be able to cure disease, but it can make coping with it a lot better. It is also helpful in dealing with a variety of other conditions, such as depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD.  People using the coloring books experience an increase in their focus. Coloring provides benefits similar to meditation. It allows our brains to switch off from other thoughts and focus on the moment. This reduced activity in the amygdala is often very calming. 

Changes in heart rate and brainwaves have been seen in people while engaged in coloring. A study published in the journal of occupational and organizational psychology found that people who pursue creative activities outside the office deal with stress better and have better performance at work.

About Unwinding Haven

Unwinding Haven is a health technology company launched in partnership with Maati Goods dedicated to improving physical and mental well-being through natural, research-driven science. We spent more than a year poring over medical research and studies about the efficacy of adult coloring books for people with insomnia, anxiety, autism, PTSD, and chronic stress.

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Keneni Dibaba
Unwinding Haven
Silver Spring, MD 

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