Different Ways to look at Environmental Protection

Since all we have done to spread the word about the importance of protecting the environment has not brought us the required results; I believe you will agree with me when I say it is time for us to approach the problem in a new way. 

This new and fun way of getting this important message out is urgently needed, as Global warming has been causing more hurricanes, droughts and the sea is filled with plastic and other things that are harmful to the sea creatures.  Added to that, the children have started to speak out about the terrible state of the environment, as they worry about their future.

This new approach I have been working on; includes a series e books for children. The stories in these e books are designed to inform children about the things they can do to change the direction in which we are now going. They will see how the way we are now living, affects the environment and how it feels to have clean beaches and rivers etc. Even though the stories are written about the fun activities, they can get involved in and beautiful places they can visit.

Some of these e books have been published on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com as I am now raising funds by selling the ebooks and fiverr gigs on my website, as I raise funds for the publishing cost of the other stories, so they can be published as well. I am sure you will gladly support this very important project. As we work towards having a clean environment, without the need for ‘beach cleanup days’ and other similar activities. A bright future for our children will be another fun activity for families as parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents will enjoy reading these e books for children, as we all learn about this important topic together. 

Company name:  Fun Writings and Things

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