God’s Impact on Climate Change

Celestial issues require celestial solutions.

Rochester, New York – July 9, 2017 – It may seem obvious that celestial issues require celestial solutions, but that has not been the trend. Until now, climate change and global warming has been relegated to scientists and international summit agreements. But LeTicia Lee, author of My Love is One (What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change, and The Second Coming), says she had a supernatural experience with God who explained this is planet earth’s fourth new beginning. There was a meteor, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and now the coming reign of GOD’s Kingdom on earth. The disposition of the people has had the greatest impact on the weather overall. 

Furthermore, Lee says, scientists will get further faster seeking GOD through prayer for celestial guidance and knowledge about the planets and the weather than any other source. It would be more cost effective too. My Love is One is currently available at http://Facebook.com/OneCrownz

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