Sirius Integrator announces availability of new CSA Certified Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Generators

Sirius Integrator announces availability of new CSA Certified Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Generators


Reduce Off-grid Site Visits, Increase Configuration Reliability, and Lower TCO

Groton, MA – Sirius Integrator announces the availability of CSA approved 500w, 1000w, and 1500w solid oxide fuel cells manufactured by Atrex Energy, a leading innovator in advanced, clean, small power generators. They received the first-ever certification from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) under its new FC-1 Standard for its high efficiency and fuel flexible ARP units providing power in a range from 500 to 4500 watts. CSA certification is a widely accepted, rigorous standard of safety, reliability, and performance. Atrex products offer low carbon, environmental solutions for essential off –grid power needs, including instrumentation and automation systems for the oil and gas industry, cathodic protection, and telecomm.

This certification is a major milestone for Atrex, and a breakthrough for solid oxide fuel cell technology in general. It is a recognition of the safety and reliability of this technology in a world that is seeking low carbon, environmentally clean power solutions. As carbon taxes increase (per ton) in Canada over the next year and new pipeline projects get started, these systems will be highly sought out to reduce TCO for Oil & Gas off-grid configurations that ensure mission/data critical applications.

Industrial Applications include powering off-grid and grid tied:

 - Cathodic Protection, Chemical Injection Pumps, Valve Actuation and Compressors

 - Surveillance & Lighting Systems

 - Wind Profiling LiDar Systems

 - Communications, vSat, Radio Repeaters and Telecom Systems

 - Meteorology Stations

 - Railway Signaling, Communications and Control

 - Instrumentation, SCADA, and Automation Systems

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Sirius Integrator

Sirius Integrator is the North American exclusive reseller and manufacturing rep of direct & reformed Methanol (5w-500w) and Propane & Natural Gas Solid Oxide (SOFCs, 20w-4500w) Fuel Cell battery-charging remote power outdoor systems, specialized outdoor enclosures, lithium-ion batteries, and gas (sulphur) filtration systems, marketed to Physical & Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Oil & Gas, Seismic & Weather, Marine, Communications & Telecom, Water Management, Wind Profiling, Railway & Traffic Management, corporate and government agency customers.

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