Using Name Brand Toner Cartridges Contributes To Extreme Climate Changes

World Wide Web - October 11, 2016 Tragically, millions of people were negatively affected by Hurricane Matthew. Now people want information on how to each help reduce Global Warming, which according to the National Wildlife Federation contributes to the extreme weather patterns.

Much of Global Warming is due in part to the burning of fossil fuel, which results in creating Greenhouse Gasses, such as CO2.

People care about their environment and now are learning how ink and toner cartridges fit into the process. The truth is out and each new laser toner cartridge takes up to three quarts of oil to make the shell. And oil is a fossil fuel.

The EPA states the most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Many strategies for reducing CO2 emissions from energy are cross-cutting and apply to homes, businesses, industry, and transportation.

Earth Friendly Toner is in the business of providing individuals and companies with Eco Friendly Laser Toner Cartridges. The research and development team believes that if all buy earth friendly cartridges, that the earth will benefit and each will be doing their part in helping to protect mother earth from further damage.

Learn more how to be a part of the solution to global warming at:

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