Launches a New Strategy in Saving Up to 50% on Electric Bills Launches a New Strategy in Saving Up to 50% on Electric Bills, one of the top websites offering the best deal of solar panel price located in the United Kingdom introduces a new way to save up to 50% on electric bills. introduces the solar panel calculator to help customers calculate their solar energy savings. Their company aims to help their customers get the best deals of solar panel installations they can get in their local area. But before anything else, this solar panel calculator will need certain information about the customers' approximate roof space in average m2, the direction of the house in which the sun shines most, the indicated angle or pitch of the customers' roof in average degree. ensures their customers that they are 100% committed to finding them the best price they can get. After filling out the solar panel calculator, it will instantly calculate the electricity the customer's panels can generate their annual income/savings, and their total saving over 20 years. states that their calculations are unbiased presentations of the potential solar for their customers. With this, their customers can compare the best deals in their local area from their free list of comparison prices. With the help of the solar panel calculator, their customers can have up to 50% or 60% reduced electricity bills. They only need a minute from their customer's time and they can save a lot more than they know it. 

According to, the government needs up to 10 million households to have solar panel installations on their roofs if they want to push through with the target of renewable energy by 2020. In addition, they promote solar panel installation by paying the households for each unit of electricity they can produce from their solar panels. They assure their customers that the Feed-in Tariff payments are completely tax-free and last up to 20 years. However, the government is warning consumers to avoid the use of cheap solar panels to avoid the danger of malfunctions. These cheap solar panels may disintegrate and result in a fire. It then causes more damage in the customers' properties. This is why guarantees that the companies they associate have passed the careful examinations and registered to MCS/REA assurances. proudly shares that their customers have found their website as truly excellent. They saved a lot of time, money, and effort for getting quotes from companies. Most importantly, they were able to help the environment. 

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GetSolarPrices brings the best possible price in every local area from solar companies that customers can trust. With GetSolarPrices, customers are assured that they can get the right deal for their solar panels; they can compare prices from pre-screened solar companies. The company offers no obligation quotes to save customers time and money. They provide a 100% free of charge service.

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