Apollo Uses Powerful Corporate Influence to Reach New Heights

Apollo Uses Powerful Corporate Influence to Reach New Heights Apollo Uses Powerful Corporate Influence to Reach New Heights Apollo Uses Powerful Corporate Influence to Reach New Heights

Apollo Health and Beauty Care is an industry leader in manufacturing private label beauty products. They have a long list of accolades including being one of Canadas 50 Best Managed Companies - for 13 consecutive years, as well as continuing to advance their environmental sustainability Initiatives. They continue to reach new heights by using their corporate drive and industry influence to eliminate animal testing on their products.

Apollo’s company values share our concern regarding the involvement, as well as the treatment of animals being used in product safety testing. They do not perform testing on animals for their products or ingredients, but rather use validated animal alternatives when they are available.

Apollo is also a proud member of NEAVS - a national animal advocacy organization which strives to eliminate the use of animals in research, testing, and science education. Additionally they abstain from markets which require animal testing of their products and/or ingredients.

This beauty industry mogul is constantly improving their environmental and sustainability initiatives as well. Whether it be installing an on-site wastewater treatment facility, advancing their Environmental Sustainability Program, recycling water on the property for reuse, or designing a state-of-the-art LEED Silver Certified facility, Apollo sets the bar.  

Apollo’s solid company values start with a top-down company structure. Charles Wachsberg, President of Apollo, confirms, "We are committed to integrating design for the environment into our facility and workplace operations by designing and manufacturing products in a manner that is safe, energy efficient and minimally impactful to the environment." Richard Wachsberg, Chairman of Apollo, states, "We are dedicated to promoting, maintaining, and improving environmental practices in the workplace through education and awareness at all levels."

A company like this exemplifies the true meaning of being good corporate citizens and sharing common goals for safety testing, sustainability, and reduction of their environmental footprint. We can all benefit from the standards and framework they are laying down for our future. 

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