Supports the Latest Innovations in Solar Technology Supports the Latest Innovations in Solar Technology, the leading website offering their clients the best deals of solar panels, supports the latest innovation in our solar technology. As our solar technology’s debut in 1960, it continues to improve and evolve over the years until now that it is known to people worldwide. has set their standard to partner with the best solar panel companies that offer people the most quality and affordable solar panel cost.

As the solar panel cost varies depending on its manufacturer and materials used, researchers have found a new way to make the solar panel cost lower. Based on the latest research and studies, a group of scientists discovered the new type of light-sensitive nanoparticle that is called colloidal quantum dots. They believe that it will offer less expensive and additional flexibility in the material for solar cells. If the new materials use n-type and the p-type semiconductors become less expensive, the solar panel cost will also decrease. With this new advancement, new panels are more efficient to convert sunlight into electricity. Furthermore, researchers from London believed that their newly-discovered material called gallium arsenide could make solar PV systems three times more competent than the existing solar panels available now in the market. They also call these solar cells as the triple junction cells because it can be chemically changed in the way that optimizes the capturing of sunlight.

Since solar panels normally work during daylight only, researchers are still looking for a way to store the energy from the solar panel to convert it into electricity even without the sunlight. Novatec Solar Company has commissioned in a new brilliant energy storage solution for solar panel systems. They introduced the use of molten salt storage technology which uses inorganic salt in order to transfer energy from solar panel system to solar thermal by using heat fluid instead of oils as the usual storage system others have. As a result, the cost of solar plants in storing solar will also decrease. With this new findings, researchers from Ohio State University released a statement that they have invented a battery that is 20% more effective and low-priced up to 25% compared to the existing products now. They believe that combining these new discoveries and inventions will give the consumers a big discount for availing solar panel installation from different companies.

With all these innovations in the solar technology, assures their customers that they will keep on providing the most quality solar panel installations in an affordable solar panel cost and services.

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