Unveils the Essence of Mandating Solar Panel Use on All New Buildings Unveils the Essence of Mandating Solar Panel Use on All New Buildings

Is a solar rooftop mandate a good decision? gives a big “Yes!” to it.

It might create new expenses for developers of solar panels, but it would ultimately benefit occupants. The new mandate implemented in San Francisco, California assures long-term benefits. It obliges all new constructions to have solar panels on their roofs. This has indeed increased awareness, raising the interest of other cities and countries to adopt the policy.

This directive doesn’t just motivate further solar installations. It prompts them at the time when solar panels are still easier and cheaper to install - when the building is still under construction. As a long-term benefit, this benefits all future occupants as they will not have to experience the hassle of looking for an installer, haggling on prices, drawing up designs, budgeting the costs, and administering the installation. These tasks are assigned to the developers who are professionally experienced. The costs that would be incurred for installing solar panels during the construction phase are bundled with the overall building budget that the owner can opt to pay off over time at a more favorable interest rate for the mortgage.

This compels an option for consumers, however it would come with a cost. In markets with comparatively cheaper values for new homes, the added costs of solar could be more impacting than in the astronomically costly San Francisco. More so, the mortgage structure settles the additional costs over the years, at when the free energy generated by the solar panels will pay it off even more. Given the right implementation and exceptions, this mandate would benefit more countries in the long run, even creating a novel standard of sustainable homebuilding.

With this mandate going into effect, the use of solar panels in newly-built homes and buildings must be proven to work before other cities and countries are fully encouraged to implement it. With builders accustomed to propose the use of solar panels to building and home owners becoming the norm, solar panels are now being added as a customary feature for new homes.

With markets where new homes are much cheaper but with solar installers a rare find, the additional expenses to be spent for installing solar panels would surely be all worth it. Again, the cost-benefit analysis would all depend on the location and on the market where new homes and buildings are being built.

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