The Dynamic Partnership of Amergy Solar and CertainTeed Solstice systems will deliver vitality to the Solar World


Solar technology and the solar industry were established some time ago, however, in recent years the market for solar systems has grown. Amongst many of the solar companies in the United States, whether successful or not, Amergy Solar has established itself as one of the top five installation companies in America. In addition to Amergy Solar accomplishments, they have decided to take their excellence to another level by teaming up with CertainTeed Solstice systems which in return will offer more efficient and reliable solar systems to property holders.

In past years, in order for homeowners to receive a solar system for their home, a large price tag of upfront money was necessary for the system and installation. Although it was a guarantee that the homeowner will save money in the long run, the upfront cost often appeared to be stumbling block between the homeowner and the system provider. With this obstacle in mind, Amergy Solar, founded in 2009, developed a turnkey process that effortlessly leads clients through solar incorporation from beginning to end at NO UPFRONT COST to the homeowner. Beyond eliminating the upfront cost, Amergy also saves the consumer money on their utility through the use of the solstice technology.

Amergy’s award-winning full-service solar company is made possible by using choicest professional engineers, solar technicians, project managers and installation teams that all work closely with property owners to design custom solar solutions to meet their specific needs. However, what is great service without more than sufficient material to match? Therefore, Amergy partnership with CertainTeed Solstice systems helps deliver the highest quality possible to the homeowner.

“CertainTeed’s solar panels meet our own high standards, and their comprehensive warranty provides wonderful peace-of-mind for our customers,” said John Spurrell, director of Sales for Amergy Solar New England.

Amergy Solar is still working out of their headquarters in Piscataway, NJ and serving New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and California. Although Amergy covers the majority of Massachusetts, they are still continuing their growth within that state as well as the other mentioned with high aspirations to cover more states within the USA.



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Company: Amergy Solar

Address: 255 Old New Brunswick Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Telephone Number: 1.888.902.2295


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