Quotatis.com Announced that Solar Market in the UK Remains Strong Despite FITs Cuts

Quotatis.com Announced that Solar Market in the UK Remains Strong Despite FITs Cuts

Early signs suggest that the solar market will remain strong despite the cut in the Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs), according to figures from lead generator Quotatis.

Solar panels are no longer just for the wealthy few as the price of panels continued to decrease in 2015. The demand for solar photovoltaic panels has increased dramatically over the last few years. In fact, Quotatis saw more solar enquiries than ever before in 2015. Even with the cut in the Feed-in Tariff scheme, early signs from Quotatis show interest may not reduce to the degree some have predicted.

In January so far, Quotatis has seen that consumer demand is still high, even though it is unlikely that enquirers will get solar panels installed before the FIT reduction comes into force from 15th January.

Quotatis' Head of Marketing, Thomas Crosswell, explained that "When the government cut the Feed-in Tariff in 2011, consumer interest in solar panels did not significantly decrease. It seems that companies can expect the same after these cuts."As the graph shows, consumer interest in solar has been steady since the 2011 cut to the FIT, and it's expected that the long-anticipated cut this January will not cause a substantial drop.

Consumers are focusing more on getting bundles of energy saving improvements, like solar hot water, smart boiler management and biomass boilers.Their aim is to cut their energy bills rather than make a significant return on investments from the FIT, unlike before the cuts in 2011.

The solar market will continue to be strong in 2016, and Quotatis are not expecting a big reduction in consumers making enquiries. Teresa Gizzi, Sales Director at Quotatis, said"The companies that stay in the market will greatly benefit, and we suggest that they look to offer a range of energy saving solutions, including heat pumps, A* rated boilers and solar batteries." 

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of solar panels with more of them visible on homes, and interest is growing now that fitting solar panels on a property adds to its value. The falling price of installation is making them affordable for more homeowners, as they try to find a long-term solution to cheaper energy. 

As there is an increasing awareness about the risk of global warming, customers are turning to solar panels to reduce their CO2 emissions. This is only going to grow as the cost of installation falls.

In 2016 it's unclear if the North/South divide will continue. Figures from Google show that in 2015, more customers in the midlands and the south were searching for solar panels than in the north. 

As the cost of solar panels continues to decrease, there are questions over whether this trend will remain in 2016.

Companies should not feel threatened by the cut to the Feed-in Tariff and should look to expand their services to ensure they can offer their customers exactly what they are looking for.

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