Old Stage Releases their New Product Called Green Cleaner



Old Stage released their new product called the Green Cleaner for getting rid of bugs from plants. The product is available in different sizes that range from 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, quart, to gallon. Any gardener who is low in budget or even those having huge budget for hydroponic gardening can actually get the size fit for their need.

Though hydroponic gardening may seem a clean and worry less activity, there are times when hydroponic gardeners would have to deal with mites, fungus, aphids, gnats or even mildew that are damaging their plants. This is the main reason behind the creation of Old Stage Green Cleaner, which is product made to naturally get rid of the pests in the safest and most effective way possible.

Since gardening requires much time, effort, and hard work, gardeners would not allow any pests from ruining the plants that they have been taking care of for a long time. A product that could help gardeners in keeping pests away while not poising any plant is the Old Stage Green Cleaner from Greener Hydroponics. The company is now offering this natural miticide, fungicide, insecticide, and pesticide all combined into one green product. This naturally formulated cleaner is made to deliver an effective killer to these pests, and stop their eggs from turning into bigger bugs that could take over the hard work of a gardener from their hydroponic gardener.

Through the release of the product, hydroponic gardeners are sure to get the solution they need when it comes to getting rid of all the soft bodied pests invading any garden. It can be a natural solution for taking down all these pests and just prevent these pests from spreading and destroying all plants.

Old Stage is the company manufacturing the Green Cleaner, which is made available in different sizes and in affordable prices fit for the budget and needs of hydroponic gardeners. Its release will bring a new solution for gardeners wanting a safe pesticide for their plants and their health as well.


For more information about the company, go to their site at www.greenerhydroponics.com. Those who are interested to get to know more of the product, feel free to browse through http://www.greenerhydroponics.com/Old-Stage-_bymfg_780-0-1.html or for orders call 1.888.676.7101 or fill out their contact form.



Company: Greener Hydroponics

Website: www.greenerhydroponics.com

Address: 605 Belvedere Rd West Palm Beach FL, 33405

Tel. No.: 1.888.676.7101

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