Emergent Waste Solutions is Attracting Worldwide Attention through The OCMX

TORONTO – The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Emergent Waste Solutions on its Institutional Marketplace. The OCMX™ will offer accredited investors the ability to participate in the equity raise through its Crowdfunding Portal.

The OCMX™ spent the past months completing its due diligence process on Emergent Waste Solutions and concluded that the company represents significant opportunity faor accredited investors.

They note that Emergent Waste Solutions exhibits the main components of any solid investment, namely a significant market size and definite competitive advantages. For more information on Emergent Waste Solutions, visit their market listing page.

The Opportunity

Emergent Waste Solutions provides a means to convert carbon based waste material to valuable gas, oil & carbon by means of an Advanced Pyrolysis System (APS). Our business model has us retaining 50% or more of each processing plant in partnership with the feedstock provider or financier. So, we provide a turnkey business opportunity and market/sell finished oil & carbon products.


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