Highlights the Concerns of Affected Solar Panels UK Users about the Government’s Plan to Cut Clean Energy Subsidies Highlights the Concerns of Affected Solar Panels UK  Users about the Government’s Plan to Cut Clean Energy Subsidies

Solar panels UK investors, specifically the homeowners who had solar panels installed in their roof, have definitely got shocked with the plans of the UK government to cut the clean energy subsidies – which according to U.N’s top environmental scientist Jacqueline McGlade is a vicious renewable policy. “It’s a very serious signal – a very perverse signal that we do not want to create”

The Chief Scientist of the United Nations Environment Programme can no longer hide her dismay to this policy that the UK government wants to implement for the reason that the United Kingdom is already in the lead when it comes to getting the renewable energy up and going. However, with the withdrawal of the subsidies for the solar panels UK homeowners have invested in, and enhancing once again the fossil fuel industry by constantly giving tax breaks - the attempt to have clean energy be widely used might be put on hold.

Yet, according to the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesperson, the government is absolutely committed on getting a global deal for the citizens in Paris, which will lead to the creation of the level playing fields for businesses, in driving innovation and in growing the economy for the low-carbon industry.

The sudden change of heart of the UK government in supporting the clean energy sector through subsidies have led to over 1,000 job loss when the three solar energy companies have closed  due to lack of government subsidies. However, based on the reports from a network of NGOs who are working real time to limit climate change – there’s a big chance that 1 million jobs will be created worldwide by 2030 if the green policies will be initiated.

With the situation that most solar panels UK users are going through, it cannot be helped that most of them would think about the domestic commitment of UK to renewable energy is true. That is because it was found that the proposed changes that the UK government wants to impose to the regulatory framework will most likely to threaten the recent growth  of the cheapest renewable energy.

And with the removal of the 87% of the solar panels subsidy thru Feed-in-Tariffs, it only leaves an impression that the government is giving special treatment to private finance as this has been considered a proven method of allowing them to do what’s in the public interest. Note that claiming the renewable energy subsidies would be the major cause of the hike in energy bills to be misleading.

Yet, if this is inevitable, the renewable energy sector will accept the reduction in the subsidy if and only the reduction will be tapered.

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