Labor, Business & Community Leaders Call for Indian Point’s License Renewal;

At Start of Important Federal Hearing They Rally to Cite Its Excellent Safety Record and Culture, Economic and Environmental Benefits


For Immediate Release – The leaders of major New York labor unions, rank and file members, and business and community leaders are coming together today to urge the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to approve the 20-year license renewal of the Indian Point nuclear power plant, which provides more than 25 percent of the electricity used in New York City and Westchester County.

Today marks the start of a major hearing in Tarrytown by the NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board that could impact the plant’s future. Rally participants include those who work at the plant and are very familiar with Indian Point’s stellar safety record and safety culture.

The diverse group of labor and other Indian Point supporters will outline that closing the plant will mean the loss of 10,000 jobs; higher electricity prices; increased risk of blackouts and the public safety and other disruptions blackout cause; and the loss of more than $1 billion in annual economic activity in New York.

In fact, closing Indian Point will also make the region less safe because it will increase reliance on fossil fuels, the expanded production of which will degrade New York’s air quality and increase asthma and other heart and lung ailments. New York’s carbon footprint will also spike without Indian Point.  

For these compelling reasons, rally participants will urge the ASLB to support Indian Point’s license renewal. Below are excerpts of comments from several of the attendees.

James Slevin, President of the Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2:“Our members work at the plant and know it is safe. The Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2 and its members urge that Indian Point’s operating license be renewed so it can continue to serve as a crucial jobs and power generator for the state. Indian Point is a major economic force for all of downstate New York, providing power to two million homes and businesses and is responsible for the direct and indirect employment of more than 10,000 workers.”

John Montgomery, President Millwrights & Machinery Erector Local Union 740:“The Millwrights and Machinery Erectors Union, Local 740 supports Indian Point’s continued operation and recognizes its valuable contribution by supplying some 25 percent of downstate’s power.  This electricity is made in New York by New Yorkers for consumption by their fellow New Yorkers. Indian Point means thousands of good paying, quality middle-class jobs, union jobs that support a family and help communities to thrive.”

Al Liberatore, Business Agent, Teamsters Local 456:“Teamsters Local 456 members are responsible for the very high level of security and first responder preparedness at the Indian Point site. We have every confidence that the plant is safe. Indeed it is far safer to be there than to drive on Route 287. If the facility were forced to cease operation, workers and businesses employed at the plant, would lose their livelihood. We stand here in strong support of the continued operation of Indian Point and request the ASLB promptly rule in its favor. ”

Tom Ryan, President, Boilermakers Local 5 New York:“Indian Point provides critical power for the entire New York metropolitan region. It is important for our homes, businesses, mass transit system, hospitals and for New York’s economic engine in general.”

Dr. Matthew Cordaro, Former CEO of the Midwest Independent System Operator which is responsible for transmission grid reliability in 15 states and a Canadian province: “Indian Point is essential for grid reliability, or simply put for keeping the power on. Closing Indian Point means higher electricity prices as well as higher carbon and other toxic emissions.”

Al Samuels, President of the Rockland Business Association:“As head of the Rockland Business Association, I know how much the businesses of our region depend on Indian Point to keep their electricity costs low and their power supply reliable. A mass exodus of businesses and industries, and the loss of associated capital, would have serious negative implications for the entire region."

Deb Milone, Executive Director, Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce:“Businesses and communities throughout the lower Hudson Valley rely on Indian Point’s continued operation to provide the ample power supply to keep the region going. Keeping the lights on in homes and businesses and making sure utility bills don’t go through the roof is necessary for a secure economic base.”

The Coalition of Labor for Energy & Jobs is an alliance of major labor organizations throughout New York State.


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