Sirius Integrator now a Reseller of the Acumentrics RP Family of Propane and Natural Gas Fuel Cell Solutions

Sirius Integrator now a Reseller of the Acumentrics RP Family of Propane and Natural Gas Fuel Cell Solutions Sirius Integrator now a Reseller of the Acumentrics RP Family of Propane and Natural Gas Fuel Cell Solutions

~~Groton, MA – Sirius Integrator is now a reseller of Acumentrics RP250, RP500, RP1000 and RP1500 solid oxide propane and natural gas fuel cell generators and services for all of North America.   Sirius has been marketing fuel cell battery-charging systems for seven years to customers in North America.  Acumentrics has deployed over 300 units to the field since 2011.

The Acumentrics RP Series is a family of quiet, clean, and reliable DC power systems based on proprietary tubular ceramic fuel cell technology to service remote or off grid applications. These systems are great for providing stationary 24/7/365 continuous power for larger load profiles like Cathodic Protection & Chemical Injection Pumps, Chemical Detection Systems, SCADA, LiDar applications, Remote Surveillance systems and Telecommunications (Cellular Base Stations, Microwave Repeaters) systems.  RP systems are a great replacement for inefficient TEGs (Thermal Electric Generators), reduce CO2 emissions, qualify for tax credits, and save money on fuel due to their efficiency.  The RP Series can charge at 2VDC-60VDC (depending on model) with a max current of up to 100 amps.  They could be setup to deliver specific continuous voltage or current, and can charge multiple battery chemistries or size configurations.   If you are in a very hot or cold location, the RP family can be a reliable generator for operating temperatures from -40º C to 50º C and is outdoor ready.  Since they are low pressure systems, the RP family can utilize gas from 2 psig to 5 psig and up to 125 psig with a high pressure gas option.

RP systems have the longest fuel cell system lifetimes available on the market by far and are remotely monitored by the manufacturer through cellular communications to ensure systems are running smoothly.  If you start off with a 250W or 1000W fuel cell core and find that your requirements have grown,, the same RP base system can be upgraded with a new higher capacity core bundle, providing flexibility for your  changing needs.  RP systems should provide you with several years of continuous operation to service your mission-critical and data_critical remote off-grid applications.
Standard maintenance is an annual site visit to change air and fuel filters.  The system can be installed by an Acumentrics-certified technician and the unit is warranted  one full year of operation. The same system can be refreshed by purchasing a new fuel cell core bundle to allow for a multi-year lifetime and enhanced ROI.  For the RP500, RP1000 and RP1500, federal taxes and state credits will also be available.

Visit us at,  our homepage at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or contact us for assistance at 855-747-4874 (855-SIRIUSI).

Sirius Integrator designs customized and turnkey standalone and hybrid fuel cell system off-grid solutions for mission-critical remote applications for months of unattended time in the field.

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