Sirius Integrator launches new Propane and Natural Gas Filter System Setup

Sirius Integrator launches new Propane and Natural Gas Filter System Setup

Groton, MA - Sirius Integrator is announcing a new multi-stage Bluemoon FST-FCG Propane & Natural Gas filter system setup for use with dc generators and for resale in North America.  When the propane and natural gas fuel is filtered it burns hotter & cleaner with fewer pollutants in the exhaust.

All gases or liquids travel in a wave action (either in a tank or fuel line), as they travel the wave picks up contaminants such as mill scale, brown or black dust, oils (heavy oils), etc.  and carries them through the wave motion, then depositing it at the bottom of the wave.  Then picking up the next amount of contaminants and repeating the process again. This is how contaminants move through a stationary tank or fuel line.

The engine on the generator is built to be efficient which means that the seat tolerances are very tight (2 micron or less), and since the equipment (most likely) will not run 24/7, you want to make sure that contaminants do not build up on those seats.  By having an FST-FCG filter setup on the equipment you help to eliminate this problem.

Natural gas and LPG both have oils (molecules) suspended in the fuel, contaminants will attach to these oil molecules, when equipment is shut down these oily contaminants stay in the system where they are at.  Even when the equipment starts again the contaminants may not move and other oily contaminants will attach to the first one. As they get bigger they may break off, settling between seats, components, and causing engine problems. 

The FST-FCG, will be able to filter 1000 gallons of propane or natural gas.  That could mean changing this filter once every 2 or 3 years.  If you do not change your FST-FCG filter at least every 18 months, to keep an extra filter on hand.

FST-FCG Benefits:
- Reduces maintenance and  increases performance
- Filter/Coalescer/Trap – Micron Filtration Stage 40 Micron down to 5 Micron
- for use with locally available Propane or Natural Gas fuel
- Helps to keep your generators in top condition
- Dimensions: 3.5”L x 2”W,  Port Size:  3/8” NPT
- cleaner generator operation and less frequent maintenance
- 1000 + gallon lifetime of filtration
- Maximum Flow Rate is 15 GPM
- 99.5% Efficiency, Working Pressure 120 PSI-Gas, 70 PSI Liquid
- Mounting:  Vertical or Horizontal

For more information about our new offerings, go to and call Emily Merlino at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions at 855-747-4874 (855-SIRIUSI).

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