Stunning Gadgets To Ensure All Products Are Enviromentally Friendly According To Internal Memo

Stunning Gadgets To Ensure All Products Are Enviromentally Friendly According To Internal Memo

July 14, 2015 - Wilmington, Delaware -- One of the top priorities apart from others is using environmentally friendly methods and materials. The memo leaked referred to an ongoing project called "LAVA", which is currently being developed. According to the text, in the memo, the lead technical officer has asked that more environmentally friendly alternatives to the materials being used be found. Though the authenticity of the memo is not yet known, insiders within the company reveal that Stunning Gadgets bosses are very strict about every product when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

Critics are of the opinion that the memo is a fake largely because in general tech businesses care more about the bottom line than environmental friendliness. Plus, Stunning Gadgets never emphasizes that the products being developed and sold are green. Rather, most comments about the environment are made in passing mainly by saying that "...the company ensures that the products sold do not harm the environment". However, when asked Stunning Gadgets CEO Stuart Cronshaw said that the memo was indeed authentic but didn't say much about the so called "project LAVA" that it referrers to.

"We try to ensure that every product that we develop, and sell is not just of the highest quality but also environmentally friendly. We owe it to the planet and our future generation. Unfortunately, we never use this as a selling point as compared to many of our competitors that do. The reason being that every product that you see in our inventory is manufactured with the environment in mind. So, continuously mentioning that our products are green just ends up making it less important somehow. That said most people who buy from us and have used our products know that they are Eco-friendly." said Stunning Gadgets CEO Stuart Cronshaw "I cannot comment on what Project LAVA is all about right now. However, it's a code name for something we have been working on for some time. But the memo itself refers to how we communicate internally as well as what matters most to the business."

A recent study by Stunning Gadgets showed that a growing number of people purchased solar gadgets like the solar panel phone charger from the company owing to a solid warranty, durability and Eco-friendliness. It is perhaps for this reason that the company takes the materials used in every product very seriously. Plus the memo solidifies the fact that the company takes the environment seriously too.

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Stunning Gadgets is a company that sources various products from all over the world. Its objective is to provide niche consumers with the best products manufactured in the top facilities worldwide using the finest materials available. 

Stunning Gadgets combines the highest quality materials with innovation and a great warranty ensuring that people get the highest return on their investment. This approach has made Stunning Gadgets one of the leaders in the best gadgets industry. 

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