Making Water Out Of Thin Air: Ambient Water Corp (AWGI)

Ambient Water (OTCQB: AWGI) is a leading provider of atmospheric

water generation systems and pioneered this technology for

extracting water from humidity in the air.  By drawing from the

renewable ocean of water vapor in the air that humans breathe,

Ambient’s patented technology is able to transform humidity into a

source of clean water near the point of use.

The unique technology is both scalable & modular and can be

configured for a number of water-sensitive applications.  These can

range from oil and gas exploration to vertical farming, for example.

According to Ambient, the systems can also be configured to produce

high quality drinking water for homes, offices, and communities.

Water Scarcity: A Global Epidemic

According to the United Nations, water is increasingly scarce and

affects every continent. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in

countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two thirds of the

world’s population could be living under water-stressed conditions. By

2030, 47% of the world’s population will be living in areas of high

water stress. But the fact is that the global population will continue to

grow and water issues will become even more alarming.

But it doesn’t just stop with simple drinking water.  Scarcity reaches

into industries of scale as well.  The demand for water in industrial

applications will continue to increase alongside population and

economic growth.  For example, the International Energy Agency

estimates that water consumed for energy production will increase to

135 billion cubic meters by 2035, which is roughly 4 times the size of

the largest reservoir in the U.S., Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead.  

Furthermore in Texas (the hotbed for the United States’ exploding

natural gas hydraulic fracturing activities) serious water shortages are

creating challenges for the oil and gas industry as well as the local

municipalities. According to a 2014 report from Ceres (a non-profit

organization advocating for sustainability leadership), fracking

activities in Texas consumed over 45 billion gallons of fresh water

from January 2011 through May 2013, draining many of the aquifers

and groundwater supplies.

New technologies are becoming increasingly relied upon to provide

alternative resources for clean water. In fact, according to the Texas

Oil and Gas Commission, the use of non-freshwater has become

more popular over the past three years, jumping from 3% to 21%, an

increase of over 300%. This trend is representative of the opportunity

identified by Ambient Water for market penetration, as increased use

and demand from oil and gas companies is expected to continue.

The Ambient Approach

Over the past several months, Ambient has progressed from simply

entering into the “clean water space” to actively engaging several

companies for installation projects as well as prospecting new

opportunities in additional markets.  

Ambient has quickly pushed ahead with major announcements

regarding new installation of its Ambient Water 400 system at Applied

Cryo Technologies’ Houston facility. “We’re thrilled to have our

equipment installed at Applied Cryo Technologies and look forward to

monitoring the results of the Ambient Water 400 generating clean

water in their Houston location,” said Keith White, Founder and CEO

of Ambient Water.

This will most likely be the best proving ground for Ambient as it looks

to further develop large-scale systems such as the Ambient Water

20K commercial application. With so much attention being placed on

US oil reserves and the increased surplus that stateside production

has resulted in, Ambient has also found strong potential in the oil and

gas marketplace.   The company has identified specific regions

throughout the United States, which would immediately benefit from

onsite Ambient Water atmospheric water generation systems in

reducing the draw on municipal resources in water-starved locations

where fracking and drilling occurs.

For example, California possesses one of the potentially largest

natural gas plays in the Monterey Shale. “Following our first

commercial implementation in Houston, we are confident that once

the data is reviewed showing the level of water produced, and cost

efficiency of doing so, that we will soon begin addressing other

regions of the country,” states Keith White, CEO of Ambient Water.

Not only does the company have a game changing technology but it’s

also rapidly expanding into several key industries.  The recent

announcements and breakthroughs within the fracking and water

industry overall has positioned Ambient at the forefront of a whole

new market niche...making water out of thin air.  Couple this with the

most recent interest by the investment community in finding solutions

for clean, usable water in industries like fracking and AWGI could be

exactly the company to watch for the long term!


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