Ambient Water Sees Market Opportunity as Vertical Farming Gains Popularity

Ambient Water Sees Market Opportunity as Vertical Farming Gains Popularity

As New Indoor Farms Set to Open Around the Country, the Need for Cost-

Efficient and Potable Fresh Water Will Increase

Ambient Water (OTCQB: AWGI), a leading provider of atmospheric water generation

systems for extracting water from humidity in the air, today commented on the

growing popularity of vertical farms, an environmentally friendly solution for food

production in urban regions, and the market potential it represents for atmospheric

water generation systems.

Vertical farming has increased in popularity over the last several years as

populations continue to explode in urban areas throughout the world, which

coupled with challenges created by draughts, is expected result in food scarcities.

According to a 2014 Forbes article, the World Resources Institute suggests the

world population's caloric intake requirements will be at least 69% larger in 2050

than today. As the world's largest vertical farm is set to launch in New Buffalo,

Michigan, the need for fresh water resources to feed significant and diverse plant

life becomes an essential part of the business.

While water is expected to be both recycled and optimized in terms of consumption

and loss, atmospheric water generation solutions have been highlighted for their

potential to provide water to a large number of crops within a small space. This is

ideal for vertical farming, which is frequently found in warehouses, high-rises, and

other buildings found within urban settings. In fact, Green Spirit Farms (GSF) who is

building the New Buffalo, Michigan-based farm, was recently quoted in an article

highlighting savings of "98 per cent less water per item of produce than traditional

farming, accomplished in part by scavenging water from the grow room's

atmosphere with a dehumidifier," referencing a humidity harnessing process

common in atmospheric water generation.

Ambient Water believes its atmospheric water generation systems, including the

'Ambient Water 400' and 'Ambient Water 20K' or variants thereof, represent a

viable solution for vertical farming. In addition to providing fresh clean water, these

systems can additionally be used to regulate the temperature and humidity levels of

the growing environment, which is extremely important for maximum yield of these

crops. By enabling a closed system environment, traditional problems with venting

and inadvertent introduction of pests can be avoided, achieving higher levels of

production while minimizing the use of pesticides. The systems would produce

significant volumes of water that could be fed to plants on grow-racks throughout

the building as well as capture and recycle the humidity produced by the

transpiration of the growing plants.

"Vertical farming is a trend within sustainability that we believe will not only

continue to increase, but expect will explode throughout the United States and the

rest of the world," said Keith White, Founder and CEO of Ambient Water. "It is

important to identify concepts such as this in order to feed and keep healthy the

many urban regions that are already suffering from food scarcity issues. By

providing fresh and often potable water on-site and at the point of distribution for

these farms, we can directly address water resource challenges, while vertical farm

personnel continue to focus on bringing healthy food to the family dinner table."

Ambient Water's patented atmospheric water generation technology literally makes

water out of thin air, transforming humidity into an abundant source of clean water

near the point of use. With multiple systems already commercially available or in

development, the Company's technology produces clean and fresh water for a host

of commercial industries including process water for hydraulic fracking in the oil

and gas industry and agriculture, while also providing fresh drinking water for

homes, offices, and communities.

A full list of features and specifications of the Ambient Water 400 and Ambient

Water 20K can be found here.

About Ambient Water, Corp. Ambient Water pioneered atmospheric water

generation technology for extracting water from humidity in the air. Drawing from

the renewable ocean of water vapor in the air that we breathe, the Company's

patented technology cost-effectively transforms humidity into an abundant source

of clean water near the point of use. The scalable and modular systems can be

configured for a number of water-sensitive applications ranging from oil and gas

exploration to vertical farming. The systems can also be configured to produce high

quality drinking water for homes, offices, and communities. For a thirsty planet on

the verge of a water crisis, Ambient Water makes clean water out of thin air. To

learn more about Ambient Water, visit our website at

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