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New York Police Department Celebrates Major Financial Investment in Rodman 33
Solar SpeedRack, Inc., offers Introductory pricing for SpeedMount™ System 31
GASIFICATION FACILITY: IHI's Commercial Stage Targeted In 2017 30
EWT World Educational Platform Launched to Raise Public Awareness on Coming Water Crisis That Is Going to Hit Half of the World Population by 2030 33
Global Solar Grade Polysilicon Industry Market Research Report 2015 43
Energi Mega Produces Additional 300 BOPD: MALACCA STRAIT BLOCK 42
B2B Cold Calling Appointments Set for Energy Sector Exceed 500 57
B2B Sales Prospectors Working With New Environment Consultants 55
Earthquake Survival Kit 101 56
Kalimantan-Java Phase II Development Still Stalled: GAS INFRASTRUCTURE 61
Govt' Urged To Facilitate Small-Medium Industry To Obtain SVLK: Indonesia Environment and Forestry 50
Uses For Ziploc Bags 53
BizTechReports: LEO Issues Innovation Challenge - In Search of Small Low Cost Environmental Monitoring Technologies That Measure Standard Environmental Pollutants 54
Implementation of Green Energy Storage Technology Boosting Growth in the UPS Market in India 56
Global Oil and Gas Cementing Services Market Will Experience Steady Growth through 2019 52
Real Estate Expert Macodou N'Daw Publishes New Article Discussing Investing in Green Buildings 50
Pertamina Taking Over Gas Block As Overseas Acquisitions To Slow: Indonesia Energy 51
Reducing the Cost of Municipal Waste Collection will Drive Growth in the Global Smart Waste Market by 2019 50
Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Co Ltd will now offer new range of lighting equipment 52
PLN To Accelerate Land Acquisition Process For Batang Steam Power Plant: Indonesian Energy 47
Govt Bans Log Export To Protect Wood-Based Industry 55
Fossil-Fuel Limits Emerge As Target For Deal On Warming 57
Increasing Solar Energy Consumption will Boost the Production of Solar Panels in the APAC Region from 2014-2019 49
Wotech Solar will now offer its services for solar power and energy solutions 70
Pertamina Plan To Build A New Refinery This Year 70
Jambi Invites South Korean Investor 70
Tax Cuts Likely for North Sea Oil While UK Shale Sector Remains at Risk 74
The Europe Drilling Waste Management Market is Expected to Reach $206.03 million by 2018 - A Report by MicroMarket Monitor 70
Financial Analyst Robert L. Morgan Named Chief Investment Officer for Sethi Financial Group 69
INDONESIAN ENERGY: Pertagas Lobby Husky To Supply Additional Gas Allocation 63
10 Lessons From Hurricane Sandy 85
Political Instability May Pose a Serious Threat to the Growth of the Global Onshore Oil and Gas Market through 2019 78
The Europe Heat Exchangers Market is Expected to Reach $6,983.9 million in 2019 - A Report by MicroMarket Monitor 79
China Company Introduces Battery Operated & Rechargeable Lighting Solutions for Modern Consumer 88
Simplify Solar Wins Department of Energy 'Solar Sunshot Catalyst' Competition 80
The Asia-Pacific Heat Exchangers Market is Expected to Reach $4,747.5 Million in 2018 with CAGR of 10.6% - A Report by MicroMarket Monitor 79
The North America Heat Exchangers Market is Expected to Reach $5,420.33 Million in 2019 at a CAGR of 6.1% - A Report by MicroMarket Monitor 83
Power Innovator Program Review Reveals New Ways on How to Generate Electricity at Home 98
INDONESIAN ENERGY: PERTAMINA Continues To Develop Alternatives Of Fuel 98
Increasing Demand for Oil & Gas Will Stimulate the Growth of the Global Downhole Drilling Tools Market through 2019 105
Over 90,000 Police Officers Saved from Poisoning 106
The European waterborne Coating Additives Market is Estimated to Reach $77,838.71 Million by 2018 - A Report by MicroMarket Monitor 116
FORESTRY PRODUCTS: Log Export Tap to be Re-Opened 115
SMELTER DEVELOPMENT: Gresik or Papua, Decision May Still Benefit Freeport 111
Global 3D printing materials market is expected to generate revenue of around $2.15 billion by 2020 and will dominate other printing technologies 124
Russia’s Oil and Gas Tax Policies Increasingly Looking Eastward 127
FREEPORT: Watchdogs Urge Gov’t to Revoke MoU over Raw Material Exports 122
Save 8 To 22% of Water & Sewer Bills with the Teravalve Water Conservation Valve 121
EMP Understanding and Practical Countermeasures 135