High Car Rental Fees for Travelers to Australia reports Car Hire Nice Airport

San Francisco, CA (PRBuzz.com) November 13, 2012 -- Those who rent cars know that the extras on a car can be pricey; however, in Australia those prices can be doubled with car rental extras. The number one rule still applies to anyone looking to rent a vehicle: always read the fine print before signing anything.

All travelers are warned to look over hidden rental car fees and extras, which can skyrocket the price they pay in order to use a vehicle. The prices in certain locations nearly doubled when extras were applied, such as insurance and other superfluous extras.

One of the largest fees tends to come from the excess waiver reduction option, which is a type of insurance that lowers the amount one may pay if their car is damaged while in their possession. The bill for an unfortunate accident or incident is lowered by a few hundred dollars in such a scenario.

When it comes to pricing: A week-long rental from Thrifty at Adelaide Airport could seem like a great deal at $200; however, once insurance, the price jumps to nearly $360. That constitutes a 44% increase. While attempting to rent from Avis at Brisbane Airport, a $212 rises to $373 with purchase. That is a 43% rise.

There are other extras that leach from one's pocketbook. Adding a GPS system costs $11 per day, and a street directory adds another $5 per day. If one has a child in tow, then another six will be added per day.

All of these additions may seem small on their own, but quickly add up in the daily total, which can mean one is spending well over 200% of their original noted cost.

There are also company policy charges, such as Thrifty and Avis, which add $40 in surcharges and administration fees. Those fees are not included in the insurance fees, and are yet another fee to endure.

Consumer advocate worker, Ingrid Just, who works for Choice, stated that travelers must be on the lookout for hidden fees and do their best to assure themselves protection from such fees by being vigilant.

"Advertised prices seem cheap at first but then all the extra costs hidden behind that asterix really add up," Just said.

She made a point to note that airport rental fees are usually the highest.

"People who are hopping off the plane with loads of bags and screaming kids just want to get going and will choose the more convenient option, likely without reading all the terms and conditions," she said.

"But where possible avoid picking up or dropping off cars at airports - car rental companies charge huge premiums for the convenience.

"We did a survey last year that found there were premium locations surcharges of up 23% at some airports, so you may be paying hundreds of dollars extra."

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