Howard Stern Featured in Documentary about the Money, Politics and Passion Behind Radio

Howard Stern Featured in Documentary about the Money, Politics and Passion Behind Radio

Hollywood, CA.  (PRBuzz) July 27, 2012 -- For nearly a century, America has had a passion for radio. From the first messages sent via Morse Code to the battle for dominance between AM and FM, radio has always been at war. RADIO WARS, a new documentary to screen at NYCIFF in August, reveals the struggles that have gone on behind the scenes of radio since its inception. Who really invented radio? Who controls its content? Will traditional terrestrial radio exist after Internet radio catches on, or will AM and FM go the way of drive-ins and fax machines? This is what RADIO WARS attempts to answer.

The documentary also features the plight of Howard Stern as it focuses on the battles for radio dominance between Sirius and XM Satellite Radio before they became one company, and their mutual fight for survival against the FCC and National Association of Broadcasters. RADIO WARS delves deep into their conflict-ridden history, from its brightest days during the dot-com boom, to its darkest hours and near bankruptcy, and questions the motives of those who seek to control radio's content. Stern plays a big part in this film; alongside historical figures like Nikola Telsa and David Sarnoff, and RADIO WARS credits him with expanding "free speech" as we know it in modern day broadcasting. Artwork by Kerri Preemiememe, who has done many excellent visual works portraying Stern throughout his battles with the FCC, is also spotlighted in the movie.

"The entity that controls broadcasting also controls culture," says director Sandra Mohr. "I hope the film will help viewers to understand more about radio's influence on our personal lives and the power of this medium."

Most people are not aware radio was considered a huge threat to the communication status quo when it was first launched. AP (Associated Press) print journalists spent the better part of a decade in the 1920's trying to block the emergence of radio and its "free" broadcast news. At the time, newspapers dominated the world of newsgathering. When radio began to grow beyond a mere basement hobby and transition into a free channel for listeners to get news and other information, the newspaper industry got nervous. Ad revenues were at risk and free news did not fit into their business model. The Associated Press issued a notice to its members that their news bulletins were never to be used for purposes of radio broadcasting. Popular radio shows were forced to find new ways of obtaining bulletins for their newscasts. Amazingly, the broadcast giants CBS and NBC were born out of this battle. This media power struggle between the Associated Press and radio news is one of the first conflicts explored in the documentary RADIO WARS.

There is no doubt, American radio has significantly impacted the world; from the way we share news to the way we wage war. Historically, the incumbent technology will always fight tooth and nail against the new business models appearing on the horizon. From controversy to corporate rebirth, RADIO WARS gives the audience and front row seat to the history of radio and tells an inspiring story about a medium most of us take for granted.

RADIO WARS will screen at NYCIFF on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 9pm. The movie's trailer can be seen at and is available as a closed captioned DVD thanks to Lori A. Sottilotta, President, Royale Class Consulting, Inc. Closed Captioning Produced by Anthony Napoli. Closed captioning is in optional English subtitles.


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