NFC Academy Providing Fully Accredited, Value Based Programs Nationally

NFC Academy Providing Fully Accredited, Value Based Programs Nationally

NFC Academy, an accredited homeschooling private school based in Tallahassee, offering fully accredited, value-based homeschooling programs from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

NFC Academy is a trusted homeschooling program for the US. Operating from Tallahassee, Florida, NFC Academy is pushing the boundaries of homeschooling with a quality backed focus on program delivery. The homeschooling program offers fully accredited, value-based programs from Kindergarten to 12th grade with print and online curriculum. As Christian values run deep in NFC Academy, the homeschooling programs have a profound influence of Christian education. The homeschooling program brings affordability and flexibility into homeschooling, allowing students to get on with the program at any time of the year.

Replying to a question related to NFC Academy, one of its school leaders recently stated, “As homeschooling is gaining ground, NFC Academy is here to deliver the best homeschooling programs for full time, part time, transfer and international students. Our admission process is straightforward, convenient and time efficient. The parents have access to our website and where they have a portal for our easy to complete application form and submit it. Once we receive the application we will take care of the rest working with the parents to get the student started in their program.  Our highly qualified admissions staff is ready to assist and answer questions along the process.”

NFC Academy will request the new student’s records and payments to confirm the enrollment. Parents can either pay by the month with payments divided over 10 months or prefer semi-annual or an annual payment option and realize savings in tuition cost. Moreover, every state has specific requirements when it comes to homeschooling. So, NFC Academy urges parents to get in touch with the homeschooling association in their area for the details. As all activities are conducted over the internet in the online program, students are ready to begin once getting their login information from the Academy and all they need for school is their computer. Any technical issues arise the Academy’s Technical Support is ready to assist.

Offering information on the programs on offer, the principal further stated, “Our program is essentially a College Preparatory Program, helping students get to their next step after high school graduation. Our courses are well structured and compliant with the guidelines of Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

NFC Academy keeps parents informed on their child’s progress in effective ways. It prepares report cards upon completion of the semester’s work and for high school students the Academy maintains their important high school transcript.  Parents can also access report card grades through RenWeb Parent Portal. The online homeschooling program allows parents to check report cards and transcripts online in their parent portal and provides hard copies when work is completed. Parents can also check the students daily work using their Ignitia parent portal where they can see daily grades and program.

About NFC Academy:
Based in Tallahassee, Florida, NFC Academy is doing remarkably well in providing top of the line, fully accredited part-time and full-time homeschooling programs for Kindergarten through 12 grades. With NFC Academy, the student can access Christian home school curriculum online and pursue the student work accordingly.

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